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AndyKavalar Apr 19, 2006 4:33 PM


Today I received the Casio QV-R52 camera I ordered at the Comet UK website.

Unfortunately, I think the camera is faulty - the photographs taken are all distorted, grainy and horizontal lines appear in every single one of them (see the link below). I've tried fiddling with all possible settings imaginable (even formatting the SD card and resetting the camera), but to no avail - the camera just doesn't work as it should! I suspect there is a problem with the lens or CCD sensor (due to rough shipping??).

Also, the LCD screen behaves strangely when zooming in/out in "PLAY" mode (it flashes and horizontal lines are even more apparent) but I think this is just because of the photo quality (i.e. lack of it). It does work fine in the REC mode though.

Well, since I am new to the digital photography, I just wanted to hear what more experienced Casio owners think about this problem of mine. Anyone had similar problems before??

The camera is 1 day old, so if it is in fact faulty, I am gonna have it exchanged. There's no way I'm keeping a camera that needs to be repaired after not even a day of use...

Thanks, AndyK

Pictures (wanted to upload them here, but after resizing the pics look less horrible so I decided to upload them elsewhere where there are less stringent upload limits):

(first 4 pics are fine quality, highest res; last two are normal quality, highest res). And yes, ALL photos were that bad!!! :O

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