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ziggetty May 6, 2006 5:59 PM

It becomes very confusing this inconsistent numbering.

after the pma i had expected new PRO models. are they slowly fased out? or ...

almost decided already for a z850

and then last week 2 new where introduced. the z1000. from which somewhere was stated a follow up for the z500. and another one the Z5 which seems an entry level.

first looks at the z1000 info, gives me the impression it is not a follow up for the z850. But i noticed a big retailer in europe (redcoon) dropped the z850 from their catalog. Just when i was ready to order it.

so now i am puzzled what to do ..

will there be another new one shortly ??

i also noticed the z1000 has a movie mode in avi where the z850 has mpeg4

hmmm so many choices

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