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Default Any EX-FH20 users here?

Hello people,

After 5 years of happy superzoom ownership (Panasonic FZ20 if you're curious) I'm in the market for another superzoom.

Any users of the EX-FH20 here with some images to share?

Thanks in advance!
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I got one... and yes I can share some pictures with you...
Amazing Camera... really.... 40 frames per second.... look...


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Hi Roswellgreens,

Thanks for these! They look really good - especially the first one.

Any more you can share the better!
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Default I like it

Hi, I got the FH-20 a little over a week ago when a local camera chain put it on clearance. The main reason I chose it was to take fast burst mode pictures of sporting events: a baseball batter swinging at a fast ball, a hurdler clearing his/her hurdles and nearing the finish line, a shot putter exploding out of the ring, a golfer driving. So far, I have taken only about 70 shots of a 9 and 10 year old girl's soccer game. It was early on a Saturday morning - not really very bright yet. I set the camera to take 5 pictures per second bursts, and I was pleased by the picture quality at 7megapixels. It was much better than the reduced resolution burst mode shots I got with the Olympus SP550 and SP560 and even the Panasonic FZ28. More detail. I have taken one or two 40 shot bursts, not of sports. It is really almost too fast - and it takes a while for the camera to process the pictures.

My FZ28 is easier to take pictures with and I prefer its image stabilization and larger EVF screen. The FH20 does seem to use up batteries pretty quickly. However, for decent quality burst mode shots, the FH20 puts any non-Casio point and shoot camera to shame.

I think you need to read the user's manual carefully and play with this camera for a while to get a feeling for what it can do.

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