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canes1 wrote:
Hello everyone, great forum.� I have a question regarding the Z750 video .� I currently own a mini dv camcorder and am looking at purchasing the Z750 to use not only as a digital camera but also for it's strong video ability--when I don't feel like taking along the larger camcorder.My camcorder has audio/video in and I'm wondering if the Z750 can be hooked up and the video run through the camcorder, then taped onto a mini dv cassette.� Would this give me any advantage as far as editing (enhancing image quality, etc.)� and burning dvd's?� I was wondering if the quality could be improved this way.� Maybe� the quality is already close to mini dv...I don't know.....Sorry if the question is rediculous!Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello canes1;

My wife isa proud owner of a casio s600 digital camera (video is similar to the z750). First, it will be a good option for video as long as you do not even think of using the zoom for videos. Secondly, if you use the zoom in almost any digital camera for the video, you will go back to your camcorder in an instant because the zoom will deteriorate very badly the image.

I did compare the video and audio between my panasonic minidv camcorder pv-dc152 and the casio digital camera s600. First, the casio can captured a louder and nicer audio than the panasonic. Second, the video from the camcorder came out a littler darker than the casio digital camera.

In conclusion, if you do not use the zoom, the casio digital camera would be a better option than your camcorder.

I did these videos (my wife with the panasonic):

With the casio digital camera s600


With the panasonic minidv camcorder pv-dc152

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