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lhalovision May 7, 2006 12:20 AM

After looking up descriptions of both cameras, the basic difference I noticed was the 2.0'' and the 2.5'' screens on the back. They're both 7.2MP and all. I'm clearly missing something since the price is about 100$ apart... Can anyone distinguish the differences between the two cameras? Which is worth buying? the EX-120 which is about 100$ cheaper, or the EX-750?


slipe May 8, 2006 9:11 PM

The Z750 is a little smaller and lighter because it uses a lithium battery. It comes with a battery and charges in the stand where you should buy a charger and NiMH batteries for the Z120 or alkalines will eat you out of house and home.

The Z750 has MPEG4 movies that take about a quarter the space of the movies on the Z120. The Casios with MPEG4 have a great feature called past movie mode. You just aim the camera and wait for something interesting to happen. When it does it records the previous 5 seconds from the buffer and continues recording. So you don't have to grind away waiting for the girl to pop out of the cake or for the toddler to do the cute thing again. The Z120 doesn't have the feature.

There is currently only about a $50 difference between them, and you would spend part of that for batteries. I think the Z750 the better buy now that the Z850 is out:

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