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TexasHillbilly Mar 18, 2007 3:05 PM

I just got a new CasioExilim EX-Z1050 a few days ago and am thrilled with it so far.

I have a Nikon D50 DSLR and was looking for something small and fast and conviently carried and originally got a Canon DS800IS but when i read the review for the CasioExilim EX-Z1000 here on this site I was impressed so I went searcning for one and instead found the newer model CasioExilim EX-Z1050.

The price is about $299 which is $100 cheaper than the Canon I returned and traded for this one.

I love the size and feel of the new CasioExilim EX-Z1050, It seems very soild and the feel is awesome, even tho it is one of the smallest and most comnpact camera's on the market. It is even smaller than the CasioExilim EX-Z1000 by a little.

Casio claims it is possable to take 3 flash pics in less than 1 second, even at maxium resulution which is a whopping 10mp.

They also claim the camera will do 7fps in the high speed burst mode.

I was a little skeptical about it and tested it for my self, and was very pleased with the results. Here is the pics I took of a stopwatch running on my computer. The far right 2 digits is 1/100 of a second

here are the flash picsI took with CasioExilim EX-Z1050 set to highspeed flash
You can see that I took 3 pics with flash in .65 seconds. I am very impressed with the results.

Here is the Highspeed mode pics of 7 pics per second.

Casio claims you can contimue to take pics at this rate until your memory card is full. I tried it for about 50 pics and sure enought it kept on clicking them out.

When you shoot in Highspeed mode @ 7fps your pics are limeted to 2mp and medium quality, but still 7 frames persec is quite impressive for such a small little camera as theCasio Exilim EX-Z1050

I still have not had a chance to test it outside but am planning on it this afteroon, I will post more pics when I do.

I love this little camera and was willing to trade the more expensive Canon SD800 for it. Not only is the casio $100 cheaper than the Canon, but it also has more mega pizels and the pics are much mnore sharper and brighter.

More pics to follow later

art_lover24 Mar 28, 2007 9:26 AM

Just be careful and don't drop it. I have busted my exilim750's LCD twice. That is the most expensive component in the camera, I think and I don't know how to repair it.

art_lover24 Mar 28, 2007 9:26 AM

Just be careful and don't drop it. I have busted my exilim750's LCD twice. That is the most expensive component in the camera, I think and I don't know how to repair it.

hueen Aug 8, 2007 11:34 AM

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Hi, I just got my Z1050 as well and thought I'd share my opinion, maybe it'll help someone out there.
Note that I am exclusively looking at picture quality here.

Despite Steve's positive review on the Z1000, I have found many predominantly negative opinions on the Z1050, mostly in respect to picture quality. I do not know if any of the imaging components like sensor or metering components are different between the Z1000 and the Z1050, so a direct comparison might not be appropriate, but I did read that mainly some functions, the look and the LCD were slightly reviewed, and for the rest the two are supposedly identical.
Before I decided to go with the 1050 I looked at a bunch of sample pictures Steve took with the cameras he lists under the pocketable section on "the best cameras" page. I have to note that I have owned a Nikon D70 for the last couple of years and thus am somewhat spoiled in regards to picture quality, but even though I know that pictures taken with a D-SLR inevitably have a much better quality than those taken with a pocketable digicam, I was somewhat disappointed with the picture quality of _all_ pocketable cameras. Every one of them has a lack in sharpness, contrast and saturation, and most noticably of all, they all have this gray haze in them. This haze is not due to low contrast, it's in the whole picture, even in strong colored areas.
So my decision went with the camara that seemed to have the best quality among it's class, and I found this to be the 1050.

Now that I got it my test shots with default settings pretty much look the same as Steve's sample pictures of the 1000. BUT - getting to the point of this post - I found that with tweaking of some settings it produced much better pictures than with default settings. That is, setting sharpness, saturation and contrast all to +2, it produces pictures that I am content with. This gray haze seems to be much less visible too. Colors might be a little bit too strong in my test shots, but this seems to help reduce that haze as well. And like I said, saturation with default settings seems much too low, and with +2 correction it's definitely closer to "reality".
Additionally, using proper white balance settings rather than auto WB moved the whole color spectrum much closer to reality as well.

Note that I took most of my test shots indoors with the exception of one out-of-the-window motive in overcast conditions. (On another side note, auto WB produced better colors than using the "overcast" WB setting here). I have still to test under many other lighting conditions.

Bottom line, I think I will like the pictures taken with the Z1050 when using the above mentioned settings.

Attached picture taken with default settings and auto WB.

hueen Aug 8, 2007 11:35 AM

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This picture is taken with +2 sharpness, saturation and contrast, and indoor WB mode ("DayWhite Fluorescent").
Like I said, the colors might be a bit too strong here, going with +1 for saturation might be good enough as well. The flags do have very strong colors though. The shiny yellow-ish color of the table in front of them is off even in default settings.

Lordy08 Jan 6, 2008 10:11 PM

I tried these settings on mine, I'm still dissapointed with results however.

I got better results with my old Casio-QV-R40!!!

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