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After uploading pictures, turning off camera, then unplugging USB cable, camera will not work.

It's like it thinks it's still in PC mode. Green light on, nothing else works. Like it's still connected to the computer via the USB cable.

The only time I can get the LCD to light up is if i hold menu down whilst turning it on (to view firmware) The camera hasn't been dropped or mistreated.

To make matters worse, I borrowed my Dad's camera, same model, and the same thing happened after I uploaded pictures from that camera.

I now have TWO qv-R51's in the same state.

Can anyone help me 'reset' or something?? Takingout batteries or swapping SD cards does nothing.....



Just realized I was using the wrong USB cable when I uploaded the photos. I used a cable that came with a Palm Pilot. (Same connecter)

When the computer is off, and the camera is connected to the USB (with any cable!) it works! As soon as the computer is turned on, or the USB cable is pulled out, it goes back to PC mode.

Did the wrong cable somehow reverse the logic? And how do I get it back to normal???

Thanks, Susan

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My Dad has just shown me his qv-r41, and it appears to be in exactly the same state as you have described in your post i.e. camera switches on, but LCD screen blank apart from normal icons. The preview screen works and in all other regards the camera is OK.

He has not used the wrong cable as he only has one, but there you go.

Can you please let me know if you had any luck with your cameras stuck in this state? I wondered if there was a way to flash the camera back to factory reset i.e. a hard reset, but I can only find reference to the menu restore to factory setting which is not much good.

I rather suspect there is a fault that would require a fix, but which would probably be economically too expensive, as I bet you could buy a new one rather than pay for a repair.

Any help gratefully received!
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Sorry, mine is still broke! I, too, think there should be some kind of reset, but haven't found one yet. Keep me posted if you find anything!!

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