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My dad purchased the Casio Exilim EX-S600 while he was on a business trip in Dubai.Hecame home (in the US) and opened up the box.

I put the battery in the camera andmessed around with the camera settings andtook some pictures and ashortmovie. Then i put the cameraon the charger. The box came with both over seas adapter and US american adapter and i used the american one of course.

After i let the camera charge for about 2 hours, iplayed with the camera some more and played themovie i made on ourTV via theTV adapter thing with the cradle.

Afterthe movie, i deleted all the pictures i took and the movie because the pictures were just to test out the camera. Afterthat, i tried to turn on the camera and it would not turn on.

Suddenly the camera started to warm up where the battery was from the outside. The camera would not power on. I took the battery out and the SD card out and let the camera cool down. I put the battery back in after the camera and battery cooled down and the camera would still now power on. when i tried to put the camera on the cradle to charge the battery, the charge light would not come on. About a minute after the battery was in the camera, the camera started to get warm again.

Does anyone know what could be the problem here and what to do since the camera was purchased in dubai not more than 3 days ago? Any help would seriously be appreciated...
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Seems like a problem with Your battery as the charging circuitry is located in the craddle :-( Something has happened to Your battery and You can have it tested at any electronics repair shop (seems like it has a short-circuit inside) :-(

Best, JR

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Are you sure the dubai version comes with an autovolt wall wart?
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i dont know what the autovolt wall wart is but the charging stuff that came inside the box was the adapter that hooks up to the cradle and and 2 extensions to the wall, that u hook up to the adapter. one extension has the 2 US prongs and the other extension has 2 circular prongs. of course i used the one with thae 2 thin rectangular prongs (the US one).

could the short be in the battery or in the camera itself? the camera is the one that gets really warm and the battery stays cool, ive noticed after toying with it some more.

i really dont want to start repairing it cuz i feel that i buy a new product, it should at least function like a new product. this thing isnt a week old and hasnt been out of hte box for more than a day and im already having problems

i wish i could somehow just return it and get a replacement becuase i really like this camera, because i think i got a lemon... the only problem is, how in the world can i return it to get a replacement if the place it was purchased from is on a different continent =(

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