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phonedudes1 Apr 18, 2007 6:34 AM

Interested in Casio's replacement for the Z70, the Z75 and unfortunately "Steve"
doesn't have a review yet.

Curious if they alleviated some of the z70 issues.

Butch Green Apr 22, 2007 1:14 PM

I bought one to test for a game & trail camera unit application. For use as a standard camera the performance is pretty good but its behavior was not predictable enough for my application.

Start up to first picture capture ranged from 1.87 seconds if it had just been turned off to being turned right back on to over 4 seconds if it had been left sitting for 10 min or more. This was with the flash and was based on tests using a light activated aperatus. The startup time seemed to vary greatly dependent an the amount of charge the battery had.

I tested battery performance based on turning the camera on , letting it sit 3 seconds and then turning it back off. A picture was taken after each 10 cycles. This was all with the flash. It was able to perform 1690 cycles before the battery was exausted.

I tested the flash out to 30 feet outside with the camera set on auto and was impressed with the results.

Picture quality was good and the camera seems to be well built. Overall I liked the camera.

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