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I had 2 Z850's (one a replacement after the 1st was defective) and just bought a Z750 which i am far happier with. I think that says it all. The 750's images look much better in a few ways IMO. And while it has a bit of an EV issue in bright sun, the 850 had the same sorta issue but literally 80-90% worse. The 750's is within normal limits. The pics are smoother and less noisy and just look more lively than the 850's. The only thing about the 750 that leaves a lot to be desired is the LCD in bright sunlight. Not ALWAYS, but often. Depends on where the sun is in the sky and what you're shooting. But generally it's very hard to see in that scenario and is IMO the 750's one weakness. I even find the flash to be fine unlike some. But that could be another thing they improved in the anthricite models becase i can't find any flash weakness near whet i have read.

I would suggest finding an Anthricite model. These are the later runs that are more likely to have no lens problems. Anthricite indicates a sort of gun metal color instead of the normal silver casing. You can find pics of it online, but trust me.....they don't do it justice and look little like they do in real life. I was worried, as i wanted silver. But when i got it i was pleasently suprised to find it looks better than the silver, and i'm finding many also feel the same. The pic quality and video quality are superior to the 850, the video is HUGELY better. The build quality even seems better. I also like some of the functions better. Foir example, you can select the flash setting just by hitting the down button til your choice shows on the LCD. With the 850 you have to hit the set button, then scroll thru the flash menu, then once selected hit the set button again. The 750 makes it much faster and simpler. I found a few things like that also which i can't recall at the moment. But overall i find the 750 a vastly superior camera to the 850. The 850 may get better with firmware fixes. But at the moment it's not and unless you want to wait possibly months and even then may not see a great improvment via firmware, then your best option right now is an Anthricite Z750. It's a fantastic camera and i doubt you'll have a problem with the Anthricite.

Hi, I am re-thinking the Z750, are you still high on this camera, have you had any lens errors and how do you get the video edited and burned. Thanks for any help. Ed
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the real issue of the 750 is the undersized flash.. too underpowered even for its compact class! that's why i turned to the 850 and soon or later a firmware upgrade will be released (there are already 850s with 1.0.9 fw out and HQ video looks much better than older firmware). The overexposure is under control with EV compensation controls. Soft borders is almost absent (that i love than canon ixus). Colors are so good and image is so sharp (i had to lowering at -1).
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