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Thinking of getting either of these the z750 is about £30 more which I don't mind paying but is it worth it.

I go Mountain biking alot and would want something durable and I was worried about the LCD cracking and len error posts for the 750.

Does the 120 have the same features such as the ability to merge a whole lot of photos together to make one photo. (I saw the 750 had this so that you could study your golf swing).

I am more worried about durability though so what exactly are the differences and any recommendations?

Thanks George
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Early versions of the Z750 had a lens error problem. If you get a recent release you won't have problems with it. A way to be sure is to get the anthracite or gunmetal gray (according to market) version which are all of recent manufacture.

I don't think the Z750 or Z120 is particularly prone to LCD cracking. People seem to be able to damage or crack the LCDs on any camera, and I don't see a big rash with the Zs that I saw with the SD400 and SD500. Of course there might have just been more of them out there for people to crack. The Z750 has a larger LCD which might provide more opportunity for something to crack it. Early versions of the Z750 also occasionally had problems with the retracting lens causing some discoloration on the LCD, but that has been eliminated with recent versions as well.

The Z750 has MPEG4 movies and the great past movie mode. Other than that and a larger LCD and slightly lighter camera with batteries I don't think there is much difference between them. They have the same lens and the same good control setup.

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Old Mar 13, 2006, 2:39 PM   #3
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From what you said it looks like the z750 might be a good bet. I will look for a hard case though.
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Some people get hard cases but most don't. I don't think it is necessary and somewhat defeats the purpose of a tiny camera.

If you carry it in your pocket make sure nothing else hard is in the pocket that could damage the LCD if you bumped into something. And put the LCD against your leg. I broke the LCD on my Pentax S4 by having the LCD out and leaning against something. It was one of the rare times I put it in my pocket and I obviously hadn't developed good habit patterns for carrying it there.

I usually carry my pocket camera in a small belt pouch. I find it easier to get at and with a piece of hard plastic in the back it is almost impossible to damage the LCD. I've always been able to come up with a perfect case at my local flea market.

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Old Mar 22, 2006, 9:34 AM   #5
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OK, what do the two cameras have in common? The only difference I see is different battery, z120 a bit larger, and different finish to the metal case.
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Old Mar 22, 2006, 4:53 PM   #6
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The main differences i see are that the 120 takes AA's, has a 1/2" smaller LCD, no long shutter, (1/8 sec for Z120, Z750 up to 60 sec) and finally, the 750 has mpg4 movie mode while i don't know if the 120 does. But it may be motion jpeg which will reord files about 3 or 4 times as big and only give about 8-10 min on a 1 gig card. The casio site should tell you that for sure. I was going to post a link to a comparison but this stupid forum edit doesn't let you paste ! Whats up with that? Just go to dpreview.com and go to "cameras" on the menu, then click "side by side" comparison and it allows you to chose the cameras of your choice then view thier specs side by side so you can really see the exact differences.

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HUGE difference is mpeg4 movies. a picture is worth 1k words, a movie is worth 1k words 30 times a second
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Old Mar 29, 2006, 7:18 AM   #8
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With regards to the long shutter the z120 does appear to have a long exposure setting of up to 60 seconds in manual mode. This is noted in the specs on steve's review and in the PDF manual downloaded from Casio's website.

I personally have purchased the z120 due for delivery in the next few days simply because here in the UK the z750 is £50 (Approx $80-$85 US) more. May be worth paying theextra for the z750if you take a lot of videos, but after thousands of photo's with my last digicam (Casio QV-R4), i have maybe 5-10 video clips that I have kept.

I will advise on any other things I note and durability when I get the camera.
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Old Apr 3, 2006, 11:20 AM   #9
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I've posted this before, but since people are asking this question again, here is a summary of the differences. Yes, the Z120 has 60 second exposures.


Here is a summary. Z120 features vs. Z750 features. I don't want to get into "which is best" that seems to pop up so much here. Here are the facts, decide for yourself.

The main differences are that the Z120 uses AA batteries, does not have MPEG4 recording, has a smaller screen, is a little thicker and heavier, and does not use or need a cradle.

Not all of the Z120 specs are shown on the Casio site. Also note that some of the specs shown for the Z120 on dpreview are wrong.

* Z120 is about 0.2" thicker than Z750. (5mm)

* About 0.4 Oz heavier with batteries.

* Uses two AA batteries, three types allowed. Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH.

* Has longer CIPA battery life with NiMH than the Z750. 560 shots with lithium, 410 with NiMH (unknown size), 190 shots with Duracell alkalines. Z750 rated 325 shots. Note that the "battery life" quoted for the Z120 on the casio site is for alkaline batteries. It is nice that you could use alkaline in a pinch though.

* As far as I can tell the picture quality is the same, but I would have to see a side by side comparison with the same subjects. The default tone from the Z120 is a lot more neutral and less shapened than the Z750; I think that Casio learned from the Z750 and even has released a new firmware for the Z750 to tone down the default settings.

* The macro mode is actually exaclty the same for both cameras, 10cm. Some site quotes a larger macro distance for the Z120, but the real number is 10cm at wide, just like the Z750. It is not known if the lens is EXACTLY the same as the Z750, but all the parameters are the same.

* Both cameras have a full metal case, the Z120 is not plastic as was rumored.

* The Z120 has higher ISO modes, 800 and 1600 (they call this "anti shake") that the Z750 does not have. It is just my impression, but I think that the ISO 200 and 400 modes are cleaner on the Z120, but I'd have to see a side by side.

* Smaller screen with fewer pixels vertically. This isn't necessarily as bad as it sounds since the difference is only in the # of vertical pixels; they both have 240 across but the Z750 screen is larger. So in comparing the two screens, the Z750 had the dot spread out more horizontally, and the same dot pitch (but larger screen) vertically. I'm hoping that the smaller screen and the thicker case mean no "cracked screens" for the Z120, but it is too soon to tell. Maybe the smaller screen draws less power too, I don't know.

* The Z120 uses MJPEG recording, and the Z750 uses MPEG4. The MPEG 4 is a lot smaller (less than 1/2 size) but may be harder to edi and some users have editing/sync issues but search for postings about it to read the issues for yourself.

* The Z120 has shutter and aperture priority modes on the dial, I don't think that the Z750 has that.

* The Z120 does not have the "EX" button for quick access to one of the features.

* I'm not sure about some of the other minor differences, I'd have to try a Z750 again to tell. For example, does the Z750 have the exposure preview in manual mode on the screen? All of the screens and features seem to be identical.

* The flash cycle time seems to be improved on the Z120.; maybe just because it can use NiMH battereies which can provide more current. The flash recharges in 3 seconds or less on my camera.

* I can't comment on focus speed, low light focus, flash range because I can't do a side by side. It is my impression that these things are at least as good as the Z750. It will focus fine at the one footcandle level.

* It has a couple goofy best shot modes that I don't think that the Z750 has; someone with a Z750 has to help.

* no lens error reports yet, but too soon to tell, there are a lot more Z750s out there.

* The Z120 has no focus assist light, but does not appear to need it unless you want to autofocus a shot that requires more exposure than about 1 second at ISO 200; that's were the trouble starts and you have to manual focus.

* The Z120 does not have a cradle. Obviously you can recharge AA batteries outside the camera. You can connect a TV or USB or power without using the cradle.

* The Z120 has an external power connection.

* The Z120 has a USB cable connection.

* Z120 does ISO 200 in auto mode, Z750 does ISO 100.

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I have had both the 750 and the z120. I had a lens error problem with the camera and so returned it. Jessops refunded me in London -- full marks! I was very disappointed because the functionality fo the camera was excellent. I really missed it. I assumed that the newer model in the z120 would have had this issue fixed and it has. It is just as good as the 750. In fact I prefer it because it takes AA batteries. When you travel you don't have to take a charger, and at home if you want you can use rechargeables. My only gripe is that the zoom toggle around the exposure button seems to have very weak springs in it, and the demo camera in the shop had this switch broken - yet I have heard no comments about it being broken in normal use. I thoroughly recommend the camera. THere's also a really cool calendar function, which some label as a gimmick, but it's a great way to see what you took when. I wish iPhoto did the same thing.
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