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Does Casio z750 support the high speed Ultra II SD cards? I thought I read somewhere on this board, where som Casio tech guy said that the z750 does not support these kinda cards, hence problems people are having with the camera? Is this true??
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Yes. I have a couple of the SanDisk Ultra II SD 1 gig cards for my Z750.
So far, no issues with the card at all for me, and I use the Hi Quality video recording mode a lot...

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Old Oct 12, 2005, 1:29 PM   #3
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I've seen cases when the high speed memory cards do cause problems, yet I've also seen them work just fine in the Z750 . The Casio cameras have a set writing speed and it cannot be adjusted. The EX-P line of cameras were suggested to have the high speed cards, but not any of the regular consumer Exilims were slated to incorperate the high speed cards. It's been hit or miss with them and since they're not necessary in the camera...I suggest saving some money and use a standard card.
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I have 2 G Sandisk UltraII and get 450 7 meg pics!


South Philly
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Old Oct 13, 2005, 4:12 AM   #5
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High speed cards wil NOT harm your camera!!! They don't suck the data, theyjust accept it. I have been using the fastest 2GB cards around in my Z750 and have had no issues with them. Get the cards you want and rest easy.
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Old Dec 9, 2005, 8:59 AM   #6
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I hope this will help someone out there with the same query. I am using a 1 gig Kingston Elite Pro 50x sd card...... works well with the z750.
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I have a Sandisk Ultra II card and it works fine.

I have a standard Sandisk card in my Palm Tungsten and did some comparative tests in the Z750. With the camera in continuous mode shooting 10 shots the standard card was about a second slower per shot. Since the second shot is buffered and you can't count the first, the 8 seconds difference gave just about a second per shot for the 8 writes to the card. A second per shot cycle time takes the camera from fairly quick to slow average for that circa and type camera.

The movies worked fine with the standard card. The warning in the manual that a slow card can cause it to skip frames probably refers to a multimedia card.

I called Casio tech support and talked with a very sharp lady who had been there 2 years at the time. She said that the official policy was that the camera doesn't support high speed cards, but that she had never once diagnosed a problem that turned out to be caused by a high speed card. I haven't read any posts here by anyone who actually had a quality brand high speed card that wouldn't work in their camera where a standard card would.

Get the Ultra II or another name brand card. I have no idea how fast it really needs to be for fastest cycle times, but a standard card is too slow.

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