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jprevost Jul 10, 2008 5:42 PM

Hi, I'm very new to this site so I apologize for my 1st post being a troubleshoot but casio's tech support wasn't helpful. Depending on how this site works I might continue to come back and help those in the same boat... with that being said I think the latest firmware broke the autofocus on high zoom close objects.
v1.01 and v1.02 worked great but now with v1.10 the autofocus "works" but then backs out to a very unfocused distance and locks into the unfocus. I know it'll focus because 1 in every 50 or so tries it'll get it right but this never was a problem before I updated firmware. I'm using a tri-pod on my desk and I know it can focus to the object because it DOES get it in focus but then before I can press the shuttler release all the way down it goes too far. Really frustrated because I was going to use this at a kids baseball game tomorrow.
Does anybody know if I can downgrade the firmware safely? Or is it a one way street like what seems to be common on newer hardware for no good reason? :mad:
I tried resetting, then I tried the 'Menu/REC/Focus Bracketing' settings by upping the 3 shots to 5 shots and expanding the focal range.

My review having owned this camera for just over a week; Had it overnighted the day before my vacation up to a camp in NH and had tons of fun with it. From slow-mo softball games to rope swings into the lake it was amazing. The high-def is only good at 1280x720 but that's about as high as most computers can handle :) so it's not much of a downside. The high speed capture is only good at high light levels but that should be pretty obvious. It does take beautiful pictures, much better than my older Canon SD700IS (also 6MP). The BS mode is wonderfully simple but lacking a few conditions. The best part about this camera is it's ability to control all of the functions manually. 3 modes exist where you can have control of the aperature, shutter speed, or manual exposure which lets you control both. The real crime is this autofocus breaking with the latest firmware (or so I think) but you can manually focus with just a few buttons pressed so I'll survive.
Another nice user interface option is the ability to change how certain buttons act. These include adjusting what the zoom ring does. Default is nothing but you can make it the zoom (not needed because it's on the shutter button standard), change the high speed shooting speed from 30 to 300 and back, or my current favorite setting, focus for when things break ;)

JimC Jul 11, 2008 4:48 AM


...high zoom close objects
...on my desk
It's probably just the lighting where you're trying it at and/or the subject does not have enough contrast. Indoors is much lower light to a camera than it is to the human eye.

In addition, when you zoom in, it makes it much harder for the camera to "see" well enough to lock focus, because your lens loses a lot of light as you zoom in more (it's almost 3 times as bright at it's wide angle setting), which makes it harder for the camera to see contrast in order to lock focus.

Make sure you're within the specs for minimum focus distance, too.

Try it outside in good light and see how it behaves. It's unlikely the firmware update is causing your issues.

jprevost Jul 11, 2008 5:32 PM

Thanks for the reply but here's where I get confused... it is within focal distance. I proved it by setting the focus to manual control and it looks better than great! Yes the lighting was a little dim on the subject but the contrast was pretty good (black and silver headset). The autofocus is doing it's job, only it seems to go one direction, the good direction, then backwards, and then stop at the worst focus! Very odd and I did perform this very test on the camera right when I got it before I left for vacation. I always test the limits of the hardware before I take it into the field... it's the engineer in me.
Maybe, just maybe the lighting was a tad off but I still think there is a bug in the firmware. I'm going to try and get a hold of some higher level tech support before I take it to get checked out. I live in NJ and the service center is Dover, not but an hours drive.

bentkent Oct 5, 2008 1:54 PM


Have the same problem here.

Have you solved your autofocus problem yet?

If so what was the fault?

jprevost Oct 5, 2008 2:54 PM

No I haven't gotten the autofocus to be reliable yet. So I've just kept manual focus, trouble is that even the manual focus has a significant delay so it doesn't really work if the subject being shot is moving to or away from you. It's a tough tool to use but I still have no regrets getting this camera. My only complaint might be that the new Casio EX- camera is looking cheaper and better... oh well. I just hope the new firmware does a better job with the focus.
I think the real reason why the autofocus doesn't work when it's fully zoomed in has to do with the "steps" the camera takes. When fully zoomed in, 1 "step" either direction causes too much of a change so it goes with what it thinks is less blurry. If they would (or could) increase the resolution to be finer, I think it would solve the issues.

bentkent May 18, 2011 10:38 AM

Time flies.
Do you still use the EX-F1.
I dont because of the terrible focus on mine. Did you fix your yet?
I just forgot about it so there is now warranty left now.

Just want to know if everybody is happy with their autofocus.
Or is there anybody who repaird it. Maybe there is a simple adjustment.
Or will a repair cost match a new one. If its not a design fault.

I read somewhere that someone reviewed it and the autofocus was very slow.
On mine it rarely finds any focus and the manual way is linked to the autofocusing function too so it not really an option that works.

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