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shutterlag2000 Nov 28, 2010 1:46 PM

EX-FH 25 vs 100 vs ?? help please
Hi All,

I'm looking at these two cameras and the HS10 Fuji for hispeed video first and still second. Which is the best one and is there anything worth waiting for that might hit early 2011 ?


Chas tennis Dec 15, 2010 6:58 AM

I purchased a Casio EX FH100 two months ago. I use it to take high speed video of tennis strokes for analysis.

In outdoor lighting including overcast conditions it produces bright videos using frame rates of 240 fps and very fast shutter speeds such as 1/10,000 sec. In indoor tennis facilities due to the reduced lighting high speed video is much more limited. Even using slower shutter speeds of 1/800 sec the indoor high speed videos are dark and grainy……but still useful for analysis.

The FH100 has full manual control of the aperture (a neutral density filter gives only 2 “aperture” settings), shutter speed (down to 1/40,000 sec) and ISO (to 3200). To minimize motion blur of tennis rackets or golf club heads fast shutter speeds are essential and manual control of the shutter speed is best. Cameras that don’t have manual control of the shutter speed or have slow shutters speeds (~1/1,000 sec) are limited for minimizing motion blur.

Motion Blur = Object Velocity X Shutter Speed
For example,
MB = 150 MPH X 1/40,000 sec
MB = 0.07 inches ~ not that bad a blur for the head of a golf club

Some discussions on shutter speed:

Golf sites have many discussions on using high speed video for swing analysis:

You can find details on the Casio cameras by downloading the full manuals from the Casio support site.

I have only used the Casio FH100 for high speed video. It does everything that I wanted and has been fun to use. It is easy to take high speed videos and the videos can be viewed frame-by-frame the camera's 3” screen.

Chas Tennis

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