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I didn't think it was possible, but if i had to think of the worse thing that could happen to me half way through my trip in europe, it would have been my camera to stop working..

I handed it off to a friend, and after a group shot, it wouldn't retract. It pretty much ruined my night, and after day after day of transfers, i got home only to find that the lens had worked its way out. I snapped it back together, and still got the "rrrerr, reerrr, RRRrrerr" sound when i hit the power button.

So is my < 5 month old camera junk already? I bought it on dell's website thinking it would be a quality product! ha!I've never heard of a digital camera braking like this..

Any guidance is appreciated, it was a big investment for a college student. Obviously I tried everything like taking the battery out, blah blah.


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I suffered the same lens problem, also half way through a European trip. Once back in the Uk I phoned Casio and was told to send the camera to their tech dept in London with a covering letter and proof of purchase. I was told that the camera is covered against manufacturing defect but not impact damage.

The camera was purchased in NYC 11 months ago and has taken 9500 pictures since then. It has a small scractch on the outer lens body from being dropped about 3 months ago. Its a Chinese made EX-S500, I can post the serial number if that helps.

It has also been turned on accidentaly many times in the soft leather genuine Exilim case, purchased about 6 months ago, resulting in a funny noise and the lens being open 1-2mm.

The lens is now fully open, no display appears on the screen and it only makes grinding and clicking noises when I turn it on.

Should I send it back to Casio?

Are they likely to tell me its impact damage and charge me a fortune?

I don't want to be without the camera for "15 working days minimum". If Casio will charge me a fortune, and I can buy a new EX-600 for £160, that would make my camera almost worthless and I would consider trying to fix it myself. Does anybody with experience of these think that its a hard thing to do?

I would appreciate any responses from people who've experience similar problems with the EX-S500/EX-S600. Or anyone who has delat with Casio tech UK. Ideally with a camera purchased in the US, or outside the UK.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm having the same problem in these days.. :sad:the zoom is out of the body, no display, only noises when I click the start button. The camera hasn't had any impact.

I hope Casio will repair the camera in warranty (I bought iton 06/2006).

I will keep you informed..

Attached, you can look the kind of problem.. :O

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I own the White Casio S-500 and if you look into cnet.com there are many reviews where many people experienced the same problems. I dropped my camera once within a year and the silver ring around the exterior of the lens popped off. Then later the lens was damaged and did not extend/retract. And then worst comes to worst the battery stopper breaks off in my attempt to take out the battery.

I was looking into the Casio (unclear) Warranty and read into more reviews on warranty and repairs. One review in particular on cnet.com where one user's silver ring around the lens popped out. He said the casio warranty does not cover lens and screen repairs.

After reading into more and more of Casio's terrible customer service - how expensive it is and how long repairs took, I found *****************. To be honest I was a little skeptical on having my camera repaired by this Tim Cason, but then I read his feedback and thought it wouldn't hurt to get my camera repaired because I did not want to spend an extra $300+ for another camera. The repairs for all the problems I experienced were for a fair price and I got my camera in 3 weeks! Tim Cason is a credible electronics tech that actually worked with Casio. Great service and communication! I'd recommend him to anyone with Casio camera problems, especially with the S-500.
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