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We now have blurry pictures of my son's first birthday party due to our Casio EX-Z750
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Ouch! Thought I was reading about the Z850 for a moment. I was a dedicated Exilim user and have had three previous models from 4mp to 6mp. All took great photos, including superb macros. However, I up-gradedmy girlfriend's to a Z850 whilst in Hong Kong last month and the results have been awful: Low contrast, average images in overcast light conditions and I can't get the macro to focus at all. Tried every setting including manual focus- what you see on screen is definitely NOT what you get on the focus plane. Still waiting a reply from Casio, but looks like the Z750 problem all over again.

Mine is a Japanese manufacture serial 200**57F
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hi all, this is my first post.
just been reading on here abotu the problems with the z750.

I too got this camera yesterday, and noticed that when i take photos they are mostly blur down the right hand side of the photo and also along bottom right.
When i take a zoomed in photo the blur isnt there, only when taking photos non zoomed

I dont get the lens error problem..not yet anyway.

Is there anyway i can correct this blurness please?

also have we conceded that using ultra mem cards is ok and doesnt cause any problems?

im annoyed as i was stuck between the casio z750 and sony p200... and read great reviews on the z750 so got that... i now wish i had got the other camera instead
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Schnüffelstück wrote:
June 2005: Compared a lot and (because I did like Casio and did love the features) did decide for the Z-750. Purchased the camera, made the first shots and wondered, what the optical viewfinder does: It goes reverse to the lens! When the lens was at 35mm, the viewfinder was at 70mm. Went to 70mm with the lens, got 105 with the viewfinder. Did zoom to 105mm, got 70mm in the viewfinder. As I have glasses and do not use the viewfinder too often, I did not care a lot. This did change in the meantime.

I bought the Z720 last week and have noticed this problem with the viewfinder. I have to admit I find this rather irratating because I tend to use the viewfinder rather then the display and it was one of the features I looked for. I tend to find that the display is difficult to see in very sunny conditions (which it always when I use my camera the most) plus the display positively eats the battery power (well is does on AA batteries used in other cameras I've hadanyway). I'll get used to having to check that it's not to close on the display as I don't want to send this away at the moment as we are due to go away in 2 weeks time and since this is a birthday/anniversary present from my husband I don't wish to be without it on our trip to Orlando. I've also had the "lens error" a couple of times but I think this was because I blocked the lens slightly with my finger when I turned it on for the first time and a second time when I pressed the play button. However this seemed to clear after I caught it again for a third time and I've not had any problem with the zoom since. Can't say I've noticed a problem with the focus and I've tested itout on several different shots -apart from one in macro mode when I moved the shots seem very clear to me.

However, I also seem to have had a problem with the flash in that it didn't operate when set to redeye but it is entirely possible I could have missed something as I had only just had the camera a day and I haven't read the manual yet. Does anyone know of any settings when this doesn't work?
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