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[strike]Hello all! I'm new here~ I received a Casio EX-Z750 as a graduation present. Having personally only owned Sony cameras in the past, and not used to other camera interfaces, I was pleased with the Casio's easy-to-use interface. I played around with it for a couple minutes, without even reading the manual, and I figured most everything out. My dad bought the Casio-EX-Z750 for a good deal at Costco, $400 for the camera, plus a case, and a 256SD card. Mine was made in Japan. Costco is especially awesome because you can return any product, any time, with or without the box, and with or without a receipt.

Anyways, this weekend I went on a cruise with my family. I've used the camera several times before the cruise, and I got the lens error only once or twice, because the lens was obstructed when the camera was turned on. However, during the cruise, I took out the camera and it had the lens error appear several times, at least 5 in a row, with me turning on and off the camera to try to get back to the regular screen. And when the screen came back, sometimes the camera would just turn off by itself because of the lens error, while the camera was on. Sometimes the lens did not go all the way in, with the lens cap slightly open, during the lens error incident. Has this happened to other people? The lens error appeared several times in a row! I told my father I think the camera is defective and we should exchange it or get a different camera. But when I arrived home, I turned on and turned off the camera several times, and the lens error did not appear. But it's difficult to determine the problem, because I just turned on the camera again right now (it was outside the case) and I got a lens error! I am not sure why the camera is having these lens error episodes, and I don't want to risk having those episodes again. How do I know if mine is defective, based on these instances. I have read around that several EX-Z750 owners experience lens error problems. Has Casio investigated/researched into this? In addition, the lens always closes by itself, like when you are viewing picture, only to protrude again during normal camera use. Is there a way to stop this constant motion by the lens to prevent more possible occurences of the lens error during use?

I use the case that I received in the package, and I just have a small feeling that the case may be harmful to the camera, but I'm not sure. The case in the package is Casio Ex-Case3 (http://www.casio.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Products.Detail&product=E XCASE3). It is open on the top for you to slide the camera in. It is a very snug fit, and I can't help but think sliding the camera in and out, in this tight space, is harming the lens somehow. However, I can also be just paranoid, haha. I only concluded this because I'm not sure of any other reasons why the lens error episodes started. Several times during the cruise I would not put the case, I would just leave it loose in my purse, and no lens error incidents occured. However that is meaningless because like I said, just now I turned on the camera, that wasn't in the case, and the lens error appeared.

What are your observations/input based on what I have described? Do you think my camera is defective. I did not drop my camera or anything. It is relatively new, I got it in the beginning of the month. Do you think the case has anything to do with it? If it is the case, I am not fond of the case I have, and I want one that encloses the whole camera. I do not need a belt holster because I just put the camera in my purse. Thank you for reading my lengthy woes, haha, and any help/input is appreciated


[edit] After posting this thread, I turned on the camera again to take pictures. I have concluded that my camera is defective, When I zoom in, almost very close to the maximum optical zoom, the lens error kicks in and the camera turns off. This happens every time. It can't cross that zoom line! So I guess I'm going to have to exchange it?? I know the EX-Z750 is a great camera, but why are so many people experiencing the lens error/having defective units?

[edit #2] Believe it or not, the optical zoom/lens error problem was fixed! I had my finger slightly over the lens, and I turned the camera on. Pissed that I had my finger there and I slightly obstructed the lens, I moved my finger out of the way. Yet the lens proceeded to come out and the lens error at the zoom problem is gone! Haha, I guess Casio lenses get fixed in strange ways. wukong (http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=14 ) seemed to have fixed this problem by dropping the camera. Let's hope this is permanent.....let's see what happens now.
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I returned my Z750 that was having very similar problems to those you described. My problemoccurred "out of the box", so returning it was the obvious choice.The lens errors during optical zoom also went away on mine. I played around with it for a few days before returning it. Ipurposely blocking the lens on startup a few times, but this didn't seem to immediately correct the problems. They did stop shortly thereafter. A question for you: Do you havefocus problems when at the widest zoom or when zooming in fully to the optical limit? My camera could not seem to lock in on Auto Focus until I zoomed in and out a bit.
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