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Upgrade the firmware before you judge this camera. Most returns are due to the blue hue, but the new firmware upgrades that. IT takes wonderful pictures afterwards. True, the s400 has better quality pictures (slightly, to me i see the difference, but unless you magnify the pictures 300%, its sometimes hard to tell), but in size and almost comparable pic quality, the Z4 wins hands down. Macro is also much better on the Z4 too. the s400 has horrible macro, infact my sony P10 has better macro than the s400.
Try shoving the s400 in your slacks, and have it feel like its gonna rip your pants when you sit down. Doesnt happen with the z4
Try to get the Z4, not z4u. Not having movie mode is sometimes inconvienent....but yes I have experience with both cameras, and the z4 is better in my opinon. -Howard
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Default Casio Z40 is the BEST! It is the upgraded version of Z4!!

Hello EveryBody!!!

Allow me to recommend a very good camera from personal experience!!! Juz got the Casio Z40, which is a upgraded version of Casio Z4, from the recent IT Fair in Suntech City in Singapore for S$799, they gave lots of freebies together with the camera. Actually prior to this, i've done a lot of research in Casio Exilm Series and also the Sony DSC-T1, another ultra compact camera which was going for ard $899. What a tough choice. But in the end i bought the Casio cos i dun like to use Sony Duo Memory stick which is not compatible with any other brand unlike the SD card used by the Casio.

Initially, i thot Casio is only famous for making watches but not cameras, but i'm really wrong!!! The camera is very very very good and i'm very satisfied. I'm super amazed by the new battery technology... i took 134 photos with flash on the second day and the battery is still fulL! This excludes the 7 video clips which i've also taken...

Really impressed man. Hm... any bad points? Oh yeah, juz went to my sis's wedding yesterday... took this pretty camera with me... guess what? Some of my friends keep asking me what brand is this camera so i inevitably become a walking advertisment for Casio. I keep talking and talking.. so i think you will be bugged by some of your friends if they see your Casio Z40 so perhaps this is a bad point? ahah... another bad point is that becos the camera is small, forgetful people may tend to displace it if you r not careful and photos can be a bit blurry if you do not steady your hand.

Other than that, it's a very cool camera!!! I'm truely impressed with this little cute gadget.

Oh btw, Casio Z40 is Pic-Bridge compatible, 4.0 megapixel, 3 x Optical and 3 x Digital Zoom, and with 21 x Best Shot selection. Movie Clips can be taken with no time limitation at all, the only limitation is your SD Memory Card, with 2.0 inch LCD TFT Display, second only to Sony T1's 2.5 inch in the world.

Aiyo... lots to say man... if you wanna know more, check out the Internet.

For those of you who have Z4 and have some bugs, rest assured that the camera will be excellent once you get the software fixed... i think the first batch of Z4s did have some minor software bugs but they can be fixed. The Z40, however, is prob free. Trust me, as more pple realise the goodness of Z4, sooner or later Casio will no longer be famous for making watches and calculators. The Z40s speak for themselves.

3 x Cheers to Casio!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Please send some pics with the z40

I am from Germany! They just got out the ex-z40 for 399 Euro so about 399 $. And i am looking forward to get it, but still not sure, if the canon ixus 430 oder 500 would nor be better!
Can you please send me some sample shots with your z40?!
Would be verry happy!!!!
If you can do this please send to all the mail adresses only 1 or 2 photos in the original size:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Thanks very much!!!
Looking forward to see some pics,
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Default Photos taken with casio z40

hello joanchim,

I have sent u the sample photo already. So sorry but the photos are too big to be attached to email.

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