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Hi folks,

I just opened up my s500 today and stuck in on the cradle to be charged. While it was charging, I set up my time and date stuff, and I also noticed that a single pixel was always blue. Anyone else have this problem?

I called Casio support and the helper said to let the battery charge fully, remove it, let it sit, then put it back in. Is this how you do a hard manual reset? My camera is still charging right now so I have yet to try it.

I also got impatient and started taking pics before the charge light turned green, and that single pixel is still blue. It's driving me crazy. Thanks for the help!
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I have the same problem with mine. Never really thought much of it until reading your post. I don't think doing what the Casio rep suggested will help. I would call a few times. You might end up speaking to one that actually knows what they are talking about. I am going to ask one of them on Monday morning. By the way, did you resolve the problem? Perhaps I should have asked you this first.
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Is the dead pixel on the LCD or the CCD? One easy way to check is to turn on the camera by holding menu and hitting power. It will bring up the version screen, if the pixel is there then its on the LCD.

If its on the LCD, then it won't affect any pictures you take, it will just be there when you're using the camera. I'm not quite sure about Casio, but most companies claim that anywhere between 1 and 5 dead pixels is acceptable. I would probably just ignore it myself, with what I had to go through with Sony and my PSP.

However, if it isn't on the LCD and is on the CCD, I would definitely return it. There's no reason you should have a dead pixel on the CCD of a new camera. I would definitely return it rather than sending it into Casio, if possible.

To answer your other question, I believe there are two ways to reset the camera. One is in the menu under setup, the other being by removing the battery for a long period of time so that the internal settings are lost. The menu one won't be a hard reset, though. I also saw something to reset the camera in the diagnostics menu, but I wouldn't recomend that. I broke my Z750 for a good 3 days by messing around in that menu. (All I had to do to fix it was to upgrade the firmware, I think I whiped the operating system. I had a nice System Error 0e02 message.)
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