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Old Nov 15, 2003, 3:32 AM   #1
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Default I upgraded to EX-Z4U - Disappointed!

Loved my Casio EZ-Z3. Carried it in my pocket for 7 months, got tons of great shots. "Upgraded" to EX-Z4U, and found they improved on many details, but the pictures are not nearly as sharp on the Z4.
Very obvious, very disappointing, consistant on multiple cameras.

You can see the lack of sharpness in Steve's sample photos. Try reading the blue street sign in the photo of the brick building, then compare it to the same photo on the Z3.

Lens specs are the same, both have 7 steps of focus, which should be good. Maybe they are using cheap glass?

Otherwise, I love the ergonomics, faster playback response, elimination of plastic insert in viewfinder (falls out). Customize left-right buttons is awesome. I set it for exposure compensation.

Unfortunately the photo is the bottom line. If it's not sharp, nothing else matters.

Anyone know if the EX-Z4 lens is sharp?
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Old Feb 12, 2004, 2:32 AM   #2
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That's funny. I just picked up an EX-Z4U today, after returning a Canon SD-100.

I had the SD-100 for a week, took hundreds of pics and was just NOT satisfied with the quality of the pics. However, the 640x480 movie mode was AWESOME on that little camera!! I almost kept it just for that. But, I consider the movie mode a novelty on these small digicams and mainly want good, crisp, detailed pics.

The SD-100 (3.2 MP) just DID NOT fit that bill. My 2yr old Olympus D550 (3.0 MP) was just blowing it out of the water, quality wise, with the pics.

Prob was the SD-100 had fairly decent quality in the center of the pic, but as you moved towards the edges the details would soften up quite abit and almost become a blur.

I picked up the LAST EX-Z4u that Frys had and it was a return (already used and opened). I took it anyways and once I flashed it to the 1.02 firmware the pics are VERY NICE, great quality and very detailed. No blurry edges or softening of the pic.

so for now, My Z4u's lens is VERY SHARP!

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Old Feb 27, 2004, 6:38 AM   #3
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I've always been an Olympus user and currently own the C40. However, a friend bought the Z4 which had killer looks, swift startup and quick flash recharge which attracted me. I immediately bought one on 21 Feb. I had forgotten one thing - compare image quality. Sorry to say but I wasn't surprised - I was HORRIFIED. Even at full resolution, the pictures on the Z4 had purple pixelated patches, and worse still, the flash (in darkness) could not light up a subject standing 10 feet away. This is all in comparison against the C40 also at full res. I'm flogging off the Z4 and sticking to Olympus.
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