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When i try using the soft flowing water method on my Ex-750 during the day instead of a slow shutter speed, it gives me something around 1/250. And when i try doing it manually i get a faded picture because of too much light. Anyone have any suggestions of how to have a slow shutter speed during the day?
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Not without a filter to decrease the amount of light reaching the lens (and it doesn't look like your model has any filter attachment capability).

Three factors make up the length of time the shutter needs to stay open for proper exposure.

Lighting, ISO speed, and Aperture.

If you try to use a shutter speed that's too fast for the lighting, ISO speed and aperture, you'll get underexposed images.

If you try to use a shutter speed that's too slow for the lighting, ISO speed and aperture, you'll get overexposed images.

Your camera has an Aperture Priority mode with two available aperture choices (that change based on the amount of zoom you use).

Selecting the smallest available aperture (higher f/stop number) reduces the light reaching the camera's sensor, allowing for the slowest shutter speeds. Zooming in some with your model will give you a smaller available aperture (higher f/stop number).

Selecting the lowest available ISO speed (ISO 50 on your model, will make the sensor less sensitive to light, requiring longer exposures for the same lighting and aperture.

But, in daylight, even using the smallest available aperture (higher f/stop number) in Av Mode, along with the lowest ISO speed, your shutter speeds are probably going to be too fast for the effect you're looking for.

So, about your only option is to try and use some type of filter in front of the lens to reduce the amount of lighting getting through. A neutral density filter (a.k.a., NDF or Neutral Density Filter)is normally used for this purpose.

You could try to hand hold a filter in front of the lens while taking a photo if you can't locate some kind of third party filter attachment for it. A 0.9 ND filter would get you 3 stops of light loss. That would get you down to about 1/30 second in the lighting you were getting 1/250 second in. If you want even slower, you can either stack more than one filter, or go with a denser ND Filter (a 1.8 Neutral Density filter would give you 6 stops of light reduction).

But, I don't know how wella filterwould work hand held in front of the lens (and you'd need to make sure you use a tripod when shutter speeds get slow to prevent blur from camera shake).

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With that particular camera the soft water scene mode is as good as it gets. Aperture priority in wide lets you go only to F4, which isn't much help. The camera uses an internal neutral density filter beyond f4 and the soft water scene mode engages it.

I've had good luck holding a lens from my sunglasses in front of lenses on small cameras that don't take filters. I wear Nikon polarized sunglasses that have a neutral color and relatively flat lenses. If your sunglasses are wraparound they might cause distortion. Someone posted a photo a while back he had taken using a pair of extreme wraparound polarized sunglasses and distortion wasn't apparent. So it might be worth a try.

If the sunglasses aren't neutral gray the white balance usually corrects fine. My old Polaroid glasses were brownish and the WB on my old Oly C50 did a great job. If nothing else you could do a custom WB with a white sheet of paper with the sunglasses in font of the lens if you are getting a color shift with your sunglasses. Polarization isn't necessary for flowing water. Any sunglasses will do – the darker the better.

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