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Old Mar 24, 2006, 9:48 PM   #1
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Just a warning to the masses. Seems Casio continues to release products with the dreaded "LENS ERROR". I received my new Z850 today and immediately upon power on got the "LENS ERROR" message. Tried over and over turning off and on with no luck. Will be returning it tomorrow and will most likely not be purchasing another Casio. Guess I should have paid attention to the massive amount of LENS ERROR issues reported both here and everywhere else on the net.
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They fixed the problem with the camera being sensitive to blocking the lens on extension after the earlier models. I haven't read of problems with newer Z750s and Z850s. It sounds like you have a different problem from a manufacturing fault.

For what it is worth no Casio lenses have had excessive problems with lens errors. The lens on the Z120, Z750 and Z850 isn't made by Casio. It is a better lens than anything made by Casio, but has had teething problems.

I usually vote with my feet when something doesn't work right out of the box. I would feel like an idiot if the replacement developed problems. But most people are quite happy with their Z850s.

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Old Mar 25, 2006, 2:39 AM   #3
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Are most people quite happy? Like rickpub I read all the reviews on the two forums and still didn't cancel my order for the 850 in time. Surprisingly it showed up with battery almost fully charged and turned on as soon as I put it in.

Isn't that odd? I wondered if someone at digitalphoto.fr (from where it was ordered) had taken it out to give it an airing as they hadn't had one in before - could be why it took so long to get to me. Also, no screen protector as is normal with new toys.

Anyway, took it through its paces and wasn't very happy with the outcome, particularly the video which has stepping and noise even in normal mode. No lense error though.

My 750 was far better - took great photos and video - I wish it hadn't been lost somewhere between the post office in Florida and myletter box!

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Old Mar 26, 2006, 4:51 PM   #4
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I recently purchased (December 2005) the Exilim Z120 and found it to be a superb product - that was until I really started to use is in practice.

The 1st issue that I noticed is that the File Numbering system does not work properly, you have 2 options here, Continue or Reset

I have the camera set as "Continue" but note that whenever
  • I remove the memory card[/*]
  • transfer images to the PC, using a memory card reader[/*]
  • Replace the memory card back in the camera - [/*]
  • then delete all images
The camera appears to decide what number is decides to start with, typically from a previously used number - hence providing duplicate file numbers

I called Casio on several occassions, they do not recognise the error and will do nothing about it (Such as a firmware update on the web) - their only advice "Send the camera back to us and we'll look at it. That was also the response from Casion Product Management and Directors when I both phoned and email them as well.

Additionally I have just suffered from the dreaed Lens Lock, where the lens will not retract completely into it's case - hence Monday 27th March 2006I shall take it back for a replacement or refund.

I would welcome anyone elses views on this - especially the File Numbering problem and if they know of a "Fix" for it.

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Old Mar 27, 2006, 11:22 PM   #5
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Have had my z850 for two weeks and took it throughout SE Asia on vacation - took over a thousand photos. Never had any 'lens error' problems or other mechanical difficulty what so ever. Only charged the battery once - amazing. Did not use the high quality video, but had no problems with the other quality levels.Overall, have had an excellent experience so far - a nice upgrade from my previous z57.
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Old Mar 28, 2006, 1:22 AM   #6
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Goodness, you must the first not to experience problems!

May I ask, is your 850 made in Japan or China? Others think it may have a bearing on it.

I've not had lense error problems either, but the video in either mode is unwatchable, alledges, whether straight or round - even the dog's fur - are stepped and in constant movement. You can only watch a few seconds before feeling queezy! Did you not find that at all?

Would agree the photo quality is superb as it is on the 750, but the vidoes on the 750 have no obvoius problem, except that low light was a little noisy.I'm sending my 850back today having only had it5 days. Would be useful to know if your video in NQ was without any noticeable movement at all along surface edges?
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