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1. Casio Exilim Z1200SR

2. Lumix FX100

3. - 12. "manufacturers" which let produce with Premier

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Yep.. the megapixel war is still ongoing. Grrrrr.... Megapixels sells cameras and the manufacturers don't seem to want to stop this nonsense, despite the degradation in image quality you can see trying to stuff too many photosites into a smaller sensor.

Too many photosites, not enough room (so the photosites get smaller and smaller with less surface area for gathering light, requring more ampflication of their output for equivalent sensitivity to light).

That amplfication increases noise levels (since the signal generated by the smaller photosites is too weak to be much above the noise generated by other sources in less than optimum lighting). So, when you amplify the signal (i.e, increase ISO speeds), you also amplify the noise.

But, most consumers look at the number of pixels and assume that more is better.

I've got a feeling that you could "simulate" the output from some of the recently announced 12MP cameras using the "watercolor" filter in popular image editors, the noise and/or noise reduction will need to be so aggresive to produce usable images in less than optimum lighting. . :-)

But, I'll withhold judgement until seeing reviews.

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I think more megapixels is NONO (no nonsens). Some "days" ago people said taking pictures with 2 megapixels make no sense - but science & research are going on, today's sensors are not the same as from yesterday!

It's another question, if someone really needs 12 megapixels - in some years you will get small cameras with 50 megapixels .... taking videos with 1920x1080 :-)

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