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Default Which one to buy Casio EXILIM EX Z40 or Z4?

I'm about to buy my first digital camera and I'm thinking about one of the two mentioned above. I'm living in Denmark (Europe) and is moving to London on monday and would like to know which you guys would recommend...

Currently the Z40 isn't avavilble in Denmark and i would then have to buy it on Ebay when i move to London. The Z4 costs about $467 and the Z40 about $100 more. But is the Z40 worth the extra money that it costs compared to Z4?

And is it safe enough to buy on ebay from retailers? (never tried it)

Oh yeah and i've read about Z4 and the firmware update, som i'm aware of this thing.

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Old Apr 14, 2004, 6:40 PM   #2
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Definitely pay the extra money for the Z40. It has a new layer technology which allows the battery life to last 2.5 times longer than the Z4. Anybody with a digital camera can tell you it's biggest weakness is the battery life. Once all your batteries run out, you're done. This can happen at the worst times too. I'd hate for you to miss the photo of a lifetime just because you had no battery power left. I almost bought the Z4 myself, but remembered all the times my battery ran out and how frustrating it was. So I spent a little more for the Z40. And yes, I did buy it from ebay and didn't get ripped off. Just make sure you pay through Paypal or something that offers buyers protection.
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Old Apr 16, 2004, 5:39 AM   #3
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The Z40 has the larger 1230mAh (NP-40) battery while the Z4 uses the smaller and lighter 680mAh (NP-20) battery, another reason why the battery lasts longer.

As Steve often advises, the best solution for either camera is to carry a fully charged battery with you (the Z4 NP-20 battery fits in the smallest of cases/pouches), simply re-charge the exhausted battery when you get home. I myself have a separate charger (quite cheap on ebay) and this saves you having to keep swapping the batteries in the camera to charge on the cradle.

Incidentally, why the weights of the two cameras are still comparable is that the Z40 has an aluminium body whereas the Z4 has a stainless steel body. I myself prefer the stainless body as, in my opinion, this is would be more durable over a period of time.
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Old Jun 18, 2004, 1:19 AM   #4
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I was trying to decide between the Z30 and the Z3 for my wife. In the end I decided that my wife wouldn't carry an extra battery in her handbag, so I got the Z30 because of the battery life.

And remember, if you got the Z4 and an extra battery, it is not that much cheaper than a Z40 without an extra battery.
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Hi, From a sales point of view I always recommend mycustomers to go for the Z40 due to it's increased battery life, both cameras contain the same features and the only other obvious difference between the two is the updated design of the Z40.

Both are exceptional cameras for their size and produce images of equal quality.
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