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Hello guys. I really need help. Before, i was actually planning to buy z750, but then, when z850 came, i then immediately thought of just buying z850 because it has 8megapix.

NOw, when i have read here that the video quality of z850 is ugly, and then when casio fixed it, but then they compromised the viewing angle area, i then was turned off and then just wanna buy z750 instead of z850 because i really would love to have a nice video.

Now, my question is, is the sound from taking a video from z750 STEREO or MONO?

I have read before that that was MONO. But then at that time, i don't care, because i know that cameras with stereo sounds in capturing video are expensive.

Now, my main concern here, is when i saw that Ex-P505 is getting cheaper, and then i noticed that it can record videos with 640x480 fps MPEG4(just like the z750), WITH STEREO sound, i was excited.

Do you guys think that i should just go with Ex-P505, instead of Ex-Z750?

Now, my other main concern, which i really dont know how to answer, is a 5 MEGAPIX camera with 5x OPTICAL ZOOM, better than a 7.2 megapix with 3x OPTICAL ZOOM? I have noticed that cameras with more optical zoom are more expensive, why is that? Can someone show me a pic taken from z750 and p505?

NOw, my other question is, IS THE VIDEO QUALITY from P505 the same as z750? or uglier? Coz when z850 came out, i really thought that the video quality of that would be better than z750 because it has 8megapix, but i was wrong. And now, my main concern here, is the video from P505 better?

Can someone please answer this question, i really need a camera asap. Please help me with this. Do you think that a a 5 megapix with 5x optical zoom better than 7.2 with 3x opticalzoom only?

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It's a pity no one ever replied to this post. I'm having the same questions right now. I'm looking for a camera with MPEG-4 video capture. I'm thinking of getting EX-P505 because a lot of people on this forum seem to believe that it has great video quality. However, what I don't like about this camera, is the shape. It's seems small but not slim.

How does the video quality on Z750 and Z850 compare to EX-P505?
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Z750 is same/even better (personal experience) but:

1. no optical zoom during video;
2. mono sound (P505 is stereo);
3. not so flexible LCD...

Z850 has HW/FW issues with HQ video :-(

Just my 2 cents, JR

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So, is P505 the only Exilim that has optical zoom during video?
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