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Hello All,

After a lot of research on net and also this forum, I finally decided to buy Casio S600 digicam from techtoysforless.com. I am from India and I asked my dad ( who was in US at that time) to buy that for me.

Now, after using my S600, I think that the pictures are much below the expected quality of S600. Earlier I had used my friend's sony (4 mega pixel) camera and I found the pic quality to be very good, but my S600 pics are not as good as those even though its with more features and 6MP.

Now, I want to upload some pics so that someone can view and guide me whether there is actually some problem with my camera or not?

So, what kind of pics should I upload?I mean, for anyone to identify the picture quality, do I need to upload pic with some specific ISO, saturation or other specifications? Can anyone help me out?

(Except the picture quality, I dont have any problems with the camera, the design is great, the sound recording and the video recodeing are also great, much better than other cameras. The menu is also very user friendly. If this picture problem would not have occurred, I would have rated this camera as 10 out of 10, but given this problem, I am disappointed with this.)


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Why dont you upload some of the ones you dont like and we can have a look at them.:|
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If you have problems with noise and such, first thing you should do if you haven't already is turn the ISO to 50 and set it there as default. You can always set it to a higher one when needed, but one thing i've noticed with my 850 (probably very similar to your cam in function) is that if you don't do that it tends to auto adjust it to a higher ISO like 200 even in regular light. Mine disappointed me hugely when i first got it till i realized it was doing that and set 50 as the default.
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I was torn in choosing between the s600 and the p505.

Eventually, I chose performance over style...after reading reviews on both cameras... I got the p505.

What was the deal breaker? picture quality of s600 was "so-so" (ZDnet)

nevertheless... it's always the photographer, not the camera.

You have a very good cam. I'm sure you'll get into it and take great shots.
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