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Default QV 5700 VS QV R51


Am wondering if anyone could provide some insights on the differences between these two cameras?
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Default Re: QV 5700 VS QV R51

Originally Posted by Doggy
Am wondering if anyone could provide some insights on the differences between these two cameras?
There seem to be very few QV-5700 owners around apart from me. Steve's Digicams review covers its features very well. I know nothing about the QV R51.

I am generally happy with my QV-5700, but my points of concern about it are...

1. Monitor is too dim for use in outdoors daylight, unless you buy or improvise a hood or shade. This also applies to many other cameras.

2. Default ISO is 50, resulting in double the usual risk of camera shake, unless you do as I do and set it to 100.

3. Lots of noise at higher ISO values (but I fear this is normal for small 5Mp CCDs).... and most seriously...

4. I find the autofocus erratic, and I experience failed shots due to downright wrong focus even in the spot autofocus mode, and especially in infinity focus mode.

However, if you browse the forums there seem to be lots of folk with focus problems on most makes of digicam. Given the large depth of field available even at full aperture with these very short focal length lenses, I'd like to see four manual 'zone focusing' buttons (head & shoulders, group, tree, mountain) as on cheap 35mm kiddies' cameras of the olden days, and the abandonment of autofocus for everything except macro modes. I note that the QV-5700 gives its focus distance in the EXIF file as 1.5, 2,5, 5,10, or 20m, so it's probably doing a zone focus whether I like it or not. I'm confident I can guess these distances by eye better than the camera can measure.

No-one replied when I floated this idea a few weeks ago.
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