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si.jonsson Mar 22, 2011 8:55 AM

QV-R40 will not start
I am using a Casio QV-R40. When I installed Windows Vista in my PC it is no
longer possible to download the photos from the camera to the PC via an USB
cable. So I have to take out the memory-card and put it into a cardreader.
I have done this many times whithout problem.
But after the last time it is no longer possible to use the camera.
When I try to push the PLAY or REC button nothing happens and the display
remains black. The green ON-indicator lights up for just half a second.
Any ideas as to what might have happened?
Thank you and best regards
Sven Ingvar Jonsson

si.jonsson Mar 22, 2011 12:03 PM

QV-R40 will not start
I tried an advice posted by Wulf for System Error (0e01) and now
my QV-R40 works again.
Thank you Wulf!!

"Take out the SD card"
"Remove batteries and leave them out for 24 hours"
"Put batteries back but leave the SD card out"
"Try to start the camera"

Many thanks
Sven Ingvar Jonsson

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