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Hi all,

I am testing diferent software for edit casio exilim videos, and i think that i found a solution Incredible!!!!

The program videoman, works fine for me

First you must install the Koepi's XviD MPEG4 Codec 1.0.1 Build 05062004


now, the editor


Please, send your comments here

1-Open the program
2-Create new project whith properties 640x480 30 frames
4-Make movie

PD: Sorry for my english, im from spain.
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If you want the complete program an codec, type:

Casio Exilim video editor.rar

on emule
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I've tried many commercial packages, from all sorts of sources, including buying it and have settled on what I believe is the best. Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD is it.

Easy to use, built in help, intuitive.

Stable, never crashes. (Pinnicale=Crash/Lockup and loss of work)

Quality of output and choice of allformats.

Simplicity in that it's ALL in one package. No need to download this or that to do something extra... it's all there in one easy to use package.
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Old Aug 19, 2005, 2:43 PM   #4
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Good program but can not read exilim videos
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Old Aug 21, 2005, 1:02 PM   #5
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Try Ulead Movie Wizard
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Old Sep 23, 2005, 10:23 PM   #6
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I have been trying Ulead VideoStudio 9.0 trial version for this past few days. It is probably the worst piece of software I havetried to usein 20 years! Why do they producesuch unbearably slow, hopelessly buggy,huge, useless elephants? It crashed a hundred times. I have decided to put on hold any thoughts of finding a really practical video editor for the forseeable future. If anyone thinks there is anything else worth more than 5 bucks out there, pease let me know. Perhaps they will figure out how to make100 GHz computers with 10 gb of RAM for us so that programs like ULead Photo Studio will run smoothly.
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Old Sep 19, 2006, 7:43 AM   #7
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According to alb, vegas will open casion exilim videos if you use fddshow (free).


Confirmed. If you tweak "fddshow" settings you can get even the TRIAL version of Sony Vegas to edit Casio movies.

Sony Vegas comes in three versions "Vegas Movie Studio," "Vegas Movie Studio Platinum" and "Vegas." The latter is the pro version at about 500 USD. The platinum can do High Definition and has Acid the music making software bundled. But the basic version at about 75 to 80 USD is ample for editing Casio made movies.

Vegas Movie Studio is very cool. It is not as easy to use as some 'do this, do that editors', step by stepsoftware (such as comes free with the Casio camera)but it is more like a professional level editor, with much more control. And there are great "show me how tutorials," that really do show you how to do things.

Uleads video editing software seems to have only one video track so I think that chroma key (green screen) work would be difficult becuase when you do that you pu the cut out (green background) weatherman in one video chanell and the new backgroudn in the other channel.

Vegas Movie Studio "chroma keying." I have not worked out how to do that yet, and it may not be all that good with a Casio digital camera but in theory it can be done.

I don't know how to edit the sound though. Vegas started off as an audio editor and looks rather like Audacity (say) but it seems to lack audio editing unless perhaps one purchases Sound Forge in its cheapest incarnation (again there are pro and consumer versions) which is about 70 dollars.

Above all Sony Vegas Movie Studio has a trial version and the trial version will let you edit Casio movies. There may be a problem in rendering (outputting) them becausesome of theencryption/decryption software is notworking in the trial version, but you should be able to output in some forms, for uploading to Youtube or Google Videos for instance.


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