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Thank you for all of you help. Im sure its not the shutter speed because when I half press the shutter button for one fo my pics, the speed was on 1/400 and the picture was still not as clear as my previous ones. I guess I just have to send it in for repairs.
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Here's a pic i tried taking. http://img464.imageshack.us/img464/1152/picture45hu.jpg
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The photo has no EXIF information. If you had the camera in infinity mode or auto you definitely have a problem. Even if you accidentally had it in manual it usually defaults to starting at infinity. And macro works just like regular auto. The only way to get that bad a focus would be to put it in manual and change the focus point. I would call Casio support.
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Now that you mention it, I had the lense error by accidently restricting the lense about half-way through my trip. (We were talking in my other post) and since I received that error - I started having problems focusing. I had a very early model of the camera, bought it in I think March of last year.
slipe wrote:
Did you get a lens error when you restricted the lens? There is usually no harm done if you don't get a lens error. Quite often people have them extend in their pocket and never know it though since it turns itself back off. And that can cause a lens error in tight pants like jeans. People can have all kinds of focus problems after restricting the lens and getting a lens error with the early versions of the camera.

If you are in infinity focus and getting blurred shots with decent shutter speeds outdoors of distant targets you have a focus problem. People can sometimes get them working right by pulling on the lens. Read through several pages of the forum and read what people who have had the error have done.

If the camera is still under warranty your best bet is to send it in for service.
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Umm i dont no if its just me but did you mention that you have your focus set to infinity?????????????????

if you do this is your issue i would say. focus at infinity is designed for use for landscapes or main subjects a long long way away. ofcourse using a focus set to infinity combined with optical zoom in a smal confined area like your room will result in blurry images which are out of focus. turn off ur manual focus setting at infinity and put it back to af (auto focus) and try again. if ur room is shallow dont expect the cam to be able to focus at full telephoto also.

And ofcourse if you are trying to take indoor low light photos then yea blurring will also be caused by lo shutter speeds. increase the shutter speed by either using flash, increasing iso level, choosing wider fstop(2.8 etc)


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