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What are the best allround settings for QV-R40?

I always use a resolution of 2240x1680 and Fine Quality. With the other settings I am unsure, which are the best
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I think the default settings are probably your best bet for most shooting.

Portrait mode will open the lens all the way and give you the best background blurring. It also gives good skin tones. And sports mode also opens the lens all the way and eliminates the ND filter to give you the fastest available shutter speeds. I don't see a lot of use for the other modes. Some people are fans of the coupling mode, but there is usually someone around to take a picture.

If you aren't into post processing your best starting point is normal for sharpening, contrast and saturation. You might experiment with them. I shoot with everything set to low with all of my cameras, but I run them through a Photoshop action and also keep the originals. Most folks prefer to get acceptable images directly from the camera and normal is usually pretty good. But experiment to see what output you prefer.

For difficult lighting like backlight and very bright snow and beach scenes I usually use spot metering. Pre-meter on different parts of the image you want exposed properly by half pressing the shutter. Reframe and take the shots. You end up bracketing both the exposure and WB that way and you usually end up with a good photo.

With a 90k LCD and the lousy scale instead of a digital readout I don't find the manual focus to be of much use. I have a Z750 with the same setup and don't use manual focus very much.

If you learn to combine the histogram with EV shift you can often eliminate blown highlights. I always keep the histogram in view using my cameras with EVFs, but don't use it that much with the Casio. I'm usually in the sun when concerned with blown highlights and the histogram often isn't that easy to read. I usually just switch to spot metering.

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thanks for the hint

the portrait mode is indeed really good. Better then if I try to make my own settings. thanks
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