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I know about 2 years ago I saw a few casio with Pentax lense, I am just wondering if they are still using the lense from Pentax. The newier camera does not any anything about casio lense.

I also heard people talking about casio using Canon Lense on a few of their cameras too.

Is there any way to find out which lense they use?
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I think Casio is making their own transparent ceramic technology lenses now for the S series and I think for the Z600. The cameras with P (pro) designations that use Canon lenses are usually so noted on their site and sometimes on the lens. The current P700 has a Canon lens as did the P600. I don't see any current Pentax cameras with the same lens specs as current Casio cameras.

Casio does not make the lens for the Z750, Z850 and the Z120. The only lens I have seen with the same specs and for the same sized sensor is the lens on the Samsung V700 and V800. The resolution was exactly the same in dpreview's tests between the V700 and the Z750. Since it is the only lens with the same specs and also the only one with exactly the same resolution I suspect it is the same lens. The V700 lens carries a Schneider designation. It is a good lens whoever makes it.

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