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I have recently bought a z120 an I noticed two things:
1) Pictures are overxposed more often than not, I'd be happy if I could just leave exposure compensation fixed to -0.7 but this seems not possible (it resets itself when the camera is switched off). Anybody knows any workaround for this? Is this a common problem (I see it reported in reviews of the z750 but not of the z120) ?

2) Battery life is rather short ( 40 pics with 2,100 mah NiMH ). I am using not very new batteries, so they may be the problem. What are people getting out of two AAs ?

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The 850 also overexposes, tho only in bright light like sunligh where there is also a lot of bright colors. Another way to deal with it aside from adjusting EV is to slowly move the camera towards a lighter area about the same distance away (same distance to keep accurate focus) till you see the exposure in the LCD go lower. Then press 1/2 shutter and move back to the subject and snap. It's a quick easy workaround if getting to the EV adjustment on your camera is a pain, plus give a slightly different result that may work better in some situations. Also, i don't know if that camera has the same thing, but the 850 has the ability to assign the EV to the left/right buttons which makes it a snap to drop the EV in less than a second.

As for the batteries, thats certainly not right with ANY casio, so i think those old batteries are ready for the can.
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You might try spot metering outdoors and pre-meter on something bright. I have had my Z750 since it was first released and haven't had overexposure problems. Edit - you might also learn to use the histogram.

Steve's power report is on the bottom of the page. He shows over 400 shots with NiMH batteries, and that is with CIPA standard with the LCD working and time between shots. Continuous gives over a thousand. Your batteries need replacing: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_...-z120_pg2.html

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Thank you both for the tips. I had already set the left/right buttons to EV compensation. I was just thinking that since most of the times I get an overxposure I might as well fix the ev compensation to -.7 and turn it up when necessary. It seems odd that you can set the camera to remember the self-timer but not to remember the exp. compensation between shut off/on.

Steve reports Casio claims, I was wondering how they compare to real user experiences. Surely I'll need new batteries thou.
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