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z600user Jul 17, 2006 11:38 AM

Hi, I got my Casio Z600 from a store here and its brilliant. Ordered a 1Gb card from an online retailer. Now I have 2x 512Mb toshiba cards and a 1GB Key Mem( some say made by samsung) card. I went on a weekend trip to paris, my first ever trip to Europe, and as an avid photgraper I took 1X512Mb and 1X1Gb with me.

I have one huge huge problem now. And one smallish problem. Any help on either of them could make me feel really good, and Id be thankful.

Problem1. I started using my 1Gb card. Now I took 2 days worth of pics, roughly 150 of them, when I noticed that quite a lot of pics (when the counter reached around 160) on replayong them would give an error, cannot view file or something on the camera. SO I started taking more pics just to see if this was a one off thing or if it was persistant. I also checked the previous 150 or so pics, they all replayed on the camera just fine. But I constantly got these irratic pics around the 160 -170 mark. I was really upset now (not knowing it was getting worse). So i changed the card to the 512Mb card. And took pics, all seemed fine. No error messages, no irratic blurry images. So I used the 512 Mb till I had finished it off. I then loaded the 1Gb back and all pics seem to be fine. Then suddenly I started getting the same error message. My trip came to an end and I can home, popped the 1Gb intoa card reader. I could seethumbnails of most of the pics. All the pics that had given the error, came up with no thumbnail, so I reckoned they must be corrupt. SO I selected all the proper thumbnailed pics, and copied them on my PC. WHen I selected the pics on the pc to view them, I got drawing failed. And thats when it hit me that around 120-130 of my pics were not showing up properly or at all. I forced Irfan view to show all the pics, and most of them just had grey pixels, and one or two lines of pixels (or sometimes half way through) of the actual picture.

It looked like someone was writing the pic on the card and stopped half way. Some other pics seemed like a mix of two pictures, (like when in a film camera, you dont have the film loaded properly or dont rewind the film properly)... So the logical conclusion is that they are all corrupt. But I can still view the pictures on the camera (atleast the initial 150 ones) and can also get the undistorted thumbnails on the pC.

I really am a bit upset as I really had a great holiday, and now I cannot see any of the pics. CAn any one help me out. I have tried uploading pics on different PCs, with different card readers. Any recovery software (low level) recommended would be great. I donot know whether its the card or the camera. The pics from the 512Mb are perfect, not one corrupt.

I really wont bother u all with the smallish problem yet.


slipe Jul 17, 2006 1:01 PM

There is a lot of freeware available to recover images from memory cards, but they only find images that have been lost to the file allocation table by being accidentally deleted.

If only half of a picture is there software can't very well guess what is on the other half. There is software that can recover some kinds of garbled images and maybe piece together the halves of your images that recorded only half on each file. My guess is that it gets a bit complicated for the user when you dig to that degree.

Often you have to buy software that will do the more complex recoveries. They normally have trial versions that will let you see whether they can recover the images but you can't save from the trial.

This site has a good list of tutorials and seems to have a pretty complete listing of the software with descriptions.

steve Jul 17, 2006 1:38 PM

Did you format these cards in the camera before use? This is a common mistake that most people make if everything seems to work OK when they insert a new memory card. You should ALWAYS format any new card using the camera's format option to insure that it has the proper file structure on it. What you describecould be one of 3 things: (1) improperly formatted card, (2) bad or incompatiblecard or (3) a defective camera.

z600user Jul 17, 2006 4:45 PM

Im not sure whether I formatted the card in the camera or not. I am sure I did format it on the comp as it was brand new. I will remember to format it on the camera from now on. What I fail to understand is that, the pictures appear on the camera and on the PC(thumbnails) properly. its only when I double click on them to get a full screen they go all nuts.

I appriciate the replies, I just hope its the formatting, cause I cannot figure out if its the camera or card. I will have to use method of elimination to figure out if either of them is bad. But for the time being, I am just concentrating of retrieveing as many pics as possible.. Help on this would be great. I am trying with Image recall now. Any other suggestions.

steve Jul 18, 2006 3:08 PM

The normal Windows format uses FAT32 file structure and most cameras use FAT, FAT12 or FAT16 so it can be a problem for cards 2GB or smaller - over 2GB you must use FAT32 to access the whole card and only a small number of camera models support FAT32 now, most are the dSLR cameras.

But the word to the wise is ALWAYS format the card with the camera before using it.

z600user Jul 18, 2006 5:49 PM

As a rule of thumb, if and when i do ever format cards I always use FAT as the file structure and not FAT32. But I agree its done now. And I might have messed it up. My aim is to salvage all dat is possible. Like I said, I can see perfect clear pics on the camerea replay and the thumbnail on the PC are totally perfect as well. Why is dat!!!? ?? I cannot understand this, unless the preview is stored seperately in the file, and therefre maynot have becomw correct. Your thoughts on this Steve!!

A software, or recovery service (preferably free) would greatly help. And I bet it will teach all other pple who come to the forums (new ones) to format the card using the camera.

Thanks for the replies all!!

z600user Jul 21, 2006 1:52 PM


slipe Jul 21, 2006 3:28 PM

The camera makes a separate thumbnail file. If you look at a folder you have downloaded from your camera you will probably see a thumbs.db file. The thumbnails are also often imbedded in the EXIF. That your computer can display undistorted thumbnails doesn't necessarily mean the images are OK. Many programs and probably Windows use the thumbnails already available rather than generate them from the full image.

Finding a free or even inexpensive recovery service is an unrealistic expectation. Rebuilding your distorted files would be labor intensive. And I'm not sure it can be done.

If you read the recovery information and tried the available freeware with no results I would suggest you try the trial versions of some of the more sophisticated recovery software. They will usually let you recover images if the software can do it, but you can't save the recovered image until you pay for the software.

lemonteh Aug 5, 2006 3:27 PM

try the following link. It works for me. Hope it works for u too. Good luck!

cseenastyle Jan 22, 2009 4:38 AM

I am having the EXACT SAME problem with my Casio EX-S600 and an SD card.

(1) z600user, did you ever come up with a solution?

(2) Can anyone point me to "sophisticated recovery software"? So far all the software I've found simply finds all the files on my SD card (as if the problem is that I've deleted them or that the table is corrupt), but that's not the problem, I have access to those files already. The problem is that the files themselves look weird.

(3) Someone who is familiar with JPG files may be able to provide a quick fix, I can provide samples if anyone wants to see.


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