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ady55 Nov 23, 2005 2:48 PM

Hello Everybody,

I had decided that I would buy EX Z750 digicam for sure, but then I found that there was a high probability of getting a 'Lens Error' with this model.

I have a few questions, please help me out on this...

1) If I turn OFF the auto play/record and keep the cam on voice record mode, can I be sure that I won't get Lens Error?

2) I read in this forum that theres an upgrade Z750mg that has been launched in Japan recently. Does this model solve the problem of Lens Error and is this stable?

If yes, then should I wait for Z750mg?

Please help me out on this..... I dont want to invest so much in a camera which would falter.



slipe Nov 23, 2005 3:42 PM

There was talk from a Casio rep about them beefing up the gearing so you wouldn't get lens errors. Getting the gunmetal version would guarantee getting a recent model, but I'm not sure they actually beefed up the gearing.

Carrying it in audio record eliminates the possibility of getting a lens error from having it power up accidentally in a pocket or pouch. It is still possible to block the lens with your hand when you switch to snapshot or another mode that extends the lens. If you are aware of the possibility of causing a problem that isn't very likely.

I've had mine the better part of the year with no problems. Fortunately I read some early posts about lens errors and have always carried it in audio and know to not block the lens. I'm also very careful to have the camera turned on with the lens extended if I let someone else take a picture with it. It probably wouldn't be the best choice for multiple users unless you were sure the gearing had been beefed up.

ady55 Nov 24, 2005 1:09 AM

Thanks, that helped.

Can you give me someidea about Z750mg..... cause I could not find any specific info about it....

Will the Lens Error be taken care off in this new model?


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