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Just bought a Casio EX-S770 SR,
I tried other MPEG4 compact cams before to buy (1 per day this week ) :

- Sanyo CA6
- Pentax A20
- Samsung NV10

I plan to buy an aftermarket charger, coz its delivered with a "base".

Be very carefull with Pentax A20 it has no zoom and no autofocus during video (read the pdf manuel on pentax us site page 69).

NV10 needs a driving licence to understand how it work.

Sanyo CA6 has poor imge quality (I am objective, its far for the others).

Pentax is divx certified. I prefer casio video quality. MPEG4 is fine. I did not wait for the S770D version.

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Icant find much reviews on the casio s770..

1. thats your impression?

2. therewas one thing that bother me on the casios600 .. while fillming if you zoom(out or in) the focus will not auto update untill you'll stop zooming, i checked that option on the sanyo c6 and there the focus updates while zooming.. is the focus update while zooming in the casio s770 ?

imserching for a while for hybrid camera thatwill have mpeg4 in it .. butstill cant decide what to buy.. ( casio s600,s770 , sanyo c6 .... )

someone know.. when casio s770 will be reviewed ?
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I own a EX-S770 and like it very much. It is a real gem, very nicely made, and slim enough to be carried around in my jeans pockets all the time. The quality of both pictures and video clips is very satisfactory (to me), at least if you keep the ISO setting low. I only wished it had better macro capabilities; the closest distance is 15 cm.

While taking a movie, the optical zoom is disabled - only digital zoom is used when you press the zoom buttons. Therefore the focus does not change.

I can see no reason to buy a EX-S600 now that the S770 is out. It has a nicer design (IMHO), updated features, and a great high resolution wide-screen TFT which is also very bright. The improved user interface uses the extra screen area for a vertical bar displaying all settings and providing fast access to them (I think the EX-Z1000 has this, too, but the Z1000 has a slow USB interface and lacks MPEG-4 video).

The free software MP4Cam2Avi (http://mp4cam2avi.sourceforge.net/) can be used to convert the video files (which are standard MPEG-4 with mono IMA ADPCM audio) to Divx-compliant AVIs which will then play on DVD players with Divx support. Therefore I find there is no need to go for the EX-S770D (which is only available in Europe anyway AFAIK).

A propos Europe: The Casios sold here have their videos limited to a length of 10 minutes per clip in order to save European Community import taxes. Buy somewhere else if this makes a difference to you.
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