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k1mch1 Nov 20, 2006 5:26 PM

i just notice that all the new models from Casio now using motion jpeg instead of mpeg4 for the video,

can anyone please confirm this?

all the new Z series models (except Z850 and S series), i saw it in the casio taiwanese site:

my question is:

it is quite hard to find a digicam that uses mpeg4 format nowadays, altho i dont really need a camera now, should i buy casio S600? i afraid that there wont be any mpeg4 video format available next year when i need one, thank you very much.

another question is why casio changes to motion jpeg? anyone knows the reason? thanks.

digitizeme Nov 20, 2006 9:53 PM

The cheaper Casios like: Z700, Z70, Z5, Z1000 and Z60 use JPEG compression. But the more expensive Casio cameras still stick to MPEG4: S600d, S600, S770, Z850, Z750 and S500. I think the MPEG4 is here to stay for a long time because that is where Casio makes the money.

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