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Hi all,

as I see all this mess around in all Casio forums about putting images and video back to cameras I promised to make a small tutorial. It is not perfect and will be edited constantly but I hope that You will get the idea. All software used for this process is kept freeware up to reasonable extent.

1. Still images to camera: freeware from Casio (all oldies are best when rediscovered :-) ) : http://www.exilim.com/intl/avenue/function/photo_t.html

Same can be done via Bestman editor (but shareware)

2. M4S2 video playback/editing:
a) I suggest to download ffdshow ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/ ) and install it (I personally did not associate it with any types of files)

b) open Video decoder configuration and select libavcodec for generic MPEG4:

c) this enables to open them in VirtualDub ( http://www.virtualdub.org) for editing and play back in WMP without sound synchronization problems.

d) for quick processing of M4S2 files for viewing on DiVX capable DVD player or other device I can recommend MP4Cam2avi : http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp4cam2avi/
This enables the DiVX compatibility and sound in eg MP3 format- and it is lighting fast!

3. To play back any video on Casio (MJPEG): to my great surprise my Z750 (which uses enhanced M4S2 video was capable of MJPEG coded AVI playback- so I believe that they all do- check it out please...)
a) open Your video in VD (version 1.7.0 supports AVI, MPEG and VOB at least...)
NB! careful with VBR MP3 soundtracks- You have to find modded VD for them or process the audio separately. NB! Make sure You are in full processing mode for video.
b) basic actions in VD will not be covered here - enough to visit eg http://www.doom9.org and read the tutorials (RTFM first as always :-)
c) if Your video is not 320x240 or 640x480 open Video->Filters->Add->resize , here You can adjust for letterbox and resize (use the preview...):

d) Open Video->Compression->ffdshow codec->Configuration (not tried various speeds but around 1000 seems OK- testing later :-) ):

e) Open Audio tab and set it to full processing mode also. Then open Conversion and make the desired changes (may depend on camera model):

f) Open Audio->Compression and select IMA ADPCM (less wasty than uncompressed PCM) and select desired quality:

g) Then You can do Preview filtered under File tab- and if no error messages You can go to File->Save as AVI... and save it like something VIDSxxxx.avi (even directly to Your camera if too lazy to load it later :-) )
h) as a small result I can offer this (WARNING, file is 3.5MB - common to MJPEG videos :-( ): http://casio.diagnostika.ee/VIDS3256.AVI

That is briefly sufficent for now, in some days I will continue with M4S2 playback in Casios (P505, Z7/850, S600, S770 as far I can recall now...)

Best and hope this helps You all a bit, JR

PS All questions and critique and additions and corrections are welcome...

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It worked. THanks, Now, I'd like to rip a DVD movie (main title only) to an AVI so I can put it on the casio. The DVD is not encrypted. I tried using PocketDivXencoder, but got errors. Do you know what settings to use?

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