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I had a problem when downloading images from S770 by using PhotoLoader 3.0E. While the download is in progress "Copying Files to be loaded", suddenly an error message "an error occurred while writing library. Process will be aborted". The camera button does not react anymore until I take out the battery and insert it again. The only solution is to uninstall the Photoloader and Install it again. It only allow me to download once, then the same error occurs. Thank you for your help.
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I don't know why this happens, but you don't need the PhotoLoader software, you can access the pictures in the camera directly. I suggest you try this first. If it works, the problem is with the PhotoLoader software, if it doesn't, the problem is with your camera, your computer or the USB connection.
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I also have the same problem and deinstalling and upgrading did not work so I emailed Casio's customer support

Reply 1: Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with your camera.

Ensure Photoloader v2.1 has been uninstalled from the system, then
unload Photoloader V3 and re-install. This will most likely sort out the
issue you are facing.

If you continue to experience problems with this problem please do not
hesitate to contact us again.

I emailed back to find out how to check and explained I had used add/remove programs to deinstall the old version etc

Reply 2:

This would be the usual way to uninstall Photoloader, and if you are
sure the process completed successfully then it may be worth completing
the process again.

The only other issue that maybe causing the issue are the permissions
that have been set on you Internet Explorer Application. If your
security settings are set to high, it may causes issues when creating
libraries as html pages are produced. Although our advise would be to
lower your security settings, this may not be acceptable for the
security of your machine.

There are alternative applications available on the market that perform
similar functions that may suit your system. Unfortunately Casio will
not be able to advise you further in this issue.

The last paragraph is unbelievable - what rubbish support ! Definitely won't be buying anymore CASIO products!!!

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