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Default Casio EX-Z3 Camera Case???


I just purchased a Casio EX-Z3 digital camera about a week ago and so far I love it. It does exactly what I need it to do when I need it to do it. It's small, light and in my opinion it takes wonderful pictures.

I just have a couple of questions...BTW, I have a 256mb SD memory card incase that matters.

1. Where can I find a decent camera case for this little bugger? I have looked around quite a bit, but everything I see is too bulky, especially considering that I bought the camera for it's size, so I don't want a camera case to make it 3 times larger. I've seen the two cases that Casio offers, but I can't them anywhere. I may have to order it. Any thoughts?

2. I bought this camera mainly to take pictures and e-mail them to friends and family. I especially liked the fact that it was so small that I can put it in my front pocket and not be incumbered by it. I ride a motorcycle and go to some wonderful places, but I dont' have a place on my bike to store a big old camera so this one is perfect...Anyway, getting to my point. Since I will mainly be e-mailing pictures or posting them to a website I wanted to know what size I should be taking these pictures at. The camera has 4 different sizes. 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480. I had been taking them at the highest size setting but a friend told me to lower it to at least 1280x960 since I was mainly e-mailing the pics, but should I lower it even more? When I drop the size to 640x480 I can take nearly 1000 shots on my 256 SD memory card. I also have it setup to take the pictures at the "fine" quality setting...There's FINE, NORMAL, and ECONOMY. What setting is best for posting to the web or e-mailing. Any thoughts?

This is my first digital camera so I'm trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as possible so I can get out there and enjoy this little bugger.

Thanks in advance for any useful information you can provide. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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In everY shop you will find some camera cases.

There are 140 cases, more then ten suited for Z3.

Look there or there
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On the subject of posting images by email. I have the same problem with my own Casio Exilim. Rather that reducing the image size in the camera......I reduce it before posting by email.

I use a freeware product called " Irfan View". This is a very useful image viewer that also has the ability to "resize" images and depending on the reduced size can dramatically decrease the image size before emailing.

I would recommend continuing with the "Fine" setting on the camera and prepare selected shots for email using Irfan View.

Hope this suggestion is useful. A link to the appropiate site for the software follows.

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I too like my EX-Z3! For a small case I went with LowePro Z5. Picked it up at the local Ritz Camera. It's not overly big and has a front pocket for my extra battery and cards. It has a belt loop on the back. I can wear it compfortably on my belt...

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Default EX-Z3 case

Funny you bring up the issue of a case for the EX-Z3...I just purchased a new case online and it arrived today. It's an "iPod carrying case" from a company called "timbuk2.com". Man, it's a perfect fit! Made of ballistic nylon with a plush lining. Also has a belt strap and a small secure pocket for memory cards or whatever. (And three color choices, if you care...)

I was like you..wanted something minimal in keeping with the "portability" of the camera. This was dead-on and is obviously VERY well made. The case is still small enough to carry in a pocket or simply clip it to a belt. The cost was $20, but I think it was worth it. And one more thing, "timbuk2.com" was very fast. I ordered it online and it was in my hands two days later
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I would take the photos at 2048 X 1536 best quality. You just want to e-mail them now, but those images are your memories and you don’t know what you will do with them in the future. You can get well over a hundred best quality full sized JPGs on a 256Mb card so your only cost is storage.

Download and install Irfanview as already suggested. www.irfanview.com When you install it I would select the “Images only” option in the box for associating files and once you open the program go View>Display Options and select “Fit images to window”

When you download your images put them in a folder named something like “7Oct03” or “Daytona Bike Week 03”. Make another folder in that folder and name it “e-mail”. Open one of the images in Irfanview and go File>Batch conversion/rename. It should already be open to the contents of the folder, but browse to it if it isn’t. Browse to your e-mail folder for the destination. Select “Add all”. Select “Batch conversion” “JPEG” and check “Set Advanced options”. In the advanced options box check “Resize” and “Use Resample function”. Type 800 or 640 in the width and 600 or 480 in the height. OK. Select “Start” and the photos will all be resized to 640 X 480 or 800 X 600 according to what you set.

It sounds complicated but you don’t have to go back to the advanced options once you have it set. It will always default to the last settings unless you want to change them. Now you have a folder of images sized properly but have also saved the originals.

If some of the images are sideways you can use the batch conversion to rotate just those images 90 degrees left or right. You would have to do that anyway to mail them.

We have a large flea market nearby and the selection of small belt cases is great. I got a perfect little leather belt pouch for my C50 for $5 with a pocket in the front for the remote and spare battery. It would be too fat for the Z3, but they have nylon and leather of almost every imaginable size. I put some padding in the large belt case for my D7i because it is hard to not bump it. But I don’t think a tiny camera needs anything special. I never go anywhere without my little Oly on my belt and the case has no lining or padding – it is scratch and dent free after nearly a year. You might look there if you have one nearby. I know there are some pretty big flea markets at the New York racetracks, but that is a bit far for a case. This is what I found for my Oly:
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Hopefully, you have not paid anything yet for a camera case.

I recently bought the same camera, and wanted it to easily fit in a pocket. We planned on ordering one from Casio - but it was back ordered. In the mean-time, I looked for something temperary.

What I came up with works so great, I sent back the Casio case - it was designed to clip to your belt - I didn't want that.

You know those cheap soft style glasses cases - that you get free with every pair of glasses? They fit around the Exillim perfectly!

All you need to do is trim it down so that it's just a little longer than the camera. Use your wrist strap that came with the camera and leave it hanging out.

This makes a very good case - that still allows the camera to easily fit in your pocket and protects it very well.

Pass the word on this great little camera and my tip.

Paul Smith
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