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This is a nice looking, capable compact. It will fit a shirt pocket though it has a heavy metal body. It has a lovely large LCD).

10 MP does seem like more than anyone might need but there are advantages here. Firstly, this is a nice lens, so resolution is high, resulting in ample opportunity for heavy cropping. Further, you can drop the number of MP to 5 or 3 and each time gain extra zoom without the image deteriorating -dropping to 3 MP increases zoom to x5.8 (almost double the standard x3) and then there is also digital zoom if you want it.

The camera takes nice outdoor pictures. Indoors, I use flash. There is standard flash and soft flash - this helps keep some of the subtle shadows in the subject, avoiding that starkness that standard flash can give.

The best pictures are at ISO 50 - 100. Using ISO 200 is also fine. Above that, noise starts to show (common situation to many cameras). The camera has an anti-shake mode but this is a software feature, not mechanical. Consequently, all it does is move the ISO up to improve low shutter speeds. I feel it best to retain manual control of ISO, so I switch the anti-shake off..

The camera also has a High Sensitivity mode. Without flash, indoors, each of my test shots took the ISO directly to ISO 3200, used an aperture of f5.4 and provided a shutter speed of between 1/30 and 1/50. The results are not going to hung on your wall. There are clumps of colour noise in the picture and my pictures have looked underexposed by around a step. I have used the packaged software (Photohands) to brighten the photo, reduce the noise and printed to a 6 x 4. These are not best pictures, but a surprising amount of detail is preserved and it does ensure that you 'get that shot'.

So basically, this is a good outdoor camera and indoors, use flash or better still, soft flash. It is not the answer for those who seek indoor, low light photo's without flash - which seems to be becoming a Holy Grail for some.

There are loads of scene modes, some quite offbeat and nice, I like the one that turns lights into starbursts. I also like the one that automatically resizes the photo to be usable on e-Bay.

There is also easy access to the EV levels. Movie mode seems adequate, but I have never been a big user so I am not able to give a fair judgement. The cam does not have a viewfinder (use the LCD to frame the shot).

There is a memory section under settings that allows you to retain changes and also allows some changes not to be retained, so that when you switch on, those settings default back to the factory setting.

There is a thing called "QUICKSHOT", this allows you to just press the shutter button without pausing halfway to lock on the focus. I found this a bit hit and miss, so I switched it off in the memory - oddly it's factory setting is defaulted to ON, which may account for some complaining that they have had blurred shots.

Overall, I like the resolution of the lens, the general capability and portability of this cam. I am a DSLR user - this Casio is my "go anywhere cam".

Problem - none, other than I just wish camera manufactures would describe such cameras as having a high ISO capability rather than suggesting something more akin to stabilisation.
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I too just acquired a Z1000 and am impressed as well. I tried out its various features

and got stuck in the Zoom. I can do the opticaL ZOOM x 3.0 but when I press the zoom lever to max zoom I cannot pass the 3.0 limit and the digital zoom does not cut in athough I configured it as ON. I tried different resolutions like 3M, 5M but to no avail. What is your experience? Did I miss a trick or is my camera's software faulty?

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Another user has a totally different view about the Z1000 on another thread on here, forget where but the pics he posted along side the Z750 give much poorer results. The lens on the Z1000 is not as good as the Z750 is one reason why..

I am very impressed with my Z750 personally. Might get the new one out next month though - takes widescreen stereo movies !
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