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Yeah, at last something You can zoom while filming and stabilize via real CCD shake reduction (love it on my Pentax K100D and K10D dSLRs)!- check the news:


Best and happy shooting, JR

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No more lens error! Very good video, better than MPEG4 and seven x optical zoom. I sold my S500 to my brother- in- law and now I have to find another relative to sell my S600. when is it available and how much?
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Indeed, WOW! It's my dream digital camera based on specs - huge zoom, compact, mechanical image stabilization, compressed video recording with stereo sound! I can't wait for reviews to see how it actually performs.
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Overall, the movie mode on this pre-production model didn't perform well in the limited lighting in the convention center but its functional optical zoom and plenty of available options make it a tempting mode to use.


Located in the top right corner of the front is the skinny built-in flash unit that casts decent light at best. The flash isn't that powerful; it can reach from 0.3-7.2 ft when the lens is at its widest. When the lens is zoomed in, the flash is only effective in the narrow range from 3.3-4.6 f"

"LCD Screen

The Super Bright LCD screen on the V7 is large and endowed with enough resolution for enjoyable viewing. The screen has good contrast, and is helped out by the camera's ability to brighten even more. In the setup menu, users can choose from 0, +1, +2, Auto 1, and Auto 2 settings. The automatic screen brightening settings don't provide much info on how they are different, but I was told by Casio reps that the #2 setting is for more drastic changes like walking out of the basement into daylight. I couldn't test this in the convention center, but the screen is supposed to automatically adjust its brightness according to the environmental lighting.

The screen has a wide viewing angle when held out to the side. It's a different story when held above or below eye-level though; the image quickly solarizes into a negative. Thus, this Exilim isn't made for holding up at concerts; it would be better at holding around a corner and sneaking a picture or two. "


The $399 price tag on the Casio Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-V7 is quite steep. This 7.2-megapixel digital camera may be "the world's thinnest 7x zoom digital camera," but it isn't the only small camera with lots of zoom. Kodak's dual lens cameras will be competitors, along with Panasonic's TZ1 and Nikon's S4; however, it does offer image stabilization, potentially more dynamic range, and a host of manual settings. The EX-V7 is on the pricier side though, so if its image quality isn't superior, consumers will likely be better served with its less expensive competition.

Who It's For

Point-and-Shooters – These consumers will appreciate having a little extra zoom in a compact package that comes with an "easy" mode.

Budget Consumers – The price tag on the Casio V7 is $399, which seems a little steep for a 7.2-megapixel digital camera even if it is touted as the "world's thinnest" to have 7x optical zoom (and image stabilization).

Gadget Freaks – While gadget freaks would love to introduce their latest acquisition as "the world's thinnest 7x digital camera," there isn't too much else to show off.

Manual Control Freaks – There are manual controls on the V7, but the truly freakish won't like the way they are accessed with the Set button and multi-selector.

Pros / Serious Hobbyists – This digital camera isn't even a breeze of a thought in the minds of professionals and serious hobbyists. "

- Super Bright LCD
- Vertical zoom control
- Very portable
- Stereo audio
- True image stabilization
- Editing in playback
- Weak flash
- f/3.4 maximum aperture
- Long lists in the menu
- Fastest shutter speed is 1/800
- Widest aperture is f/3.4
- Lots of blurry pictures


Crowned with the title of "the world's thinnest" digital camera with a 7x optical zoom lens, the Casio Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-V7 sounds a little too cool for what it actually is. The lens stays within the camera body at all times, which makes it sturdy and portable. But the zoom lens doesn't provide nice, sharp pictures. The soft lens is helped by the optical image stabilization system but hindered by the ineffective auto focus system. The V7 does have manual exposure modes and controls, which is more than what can be said of most of its competitors, but the selection isn't that great. The shutter speed and aperture ranges are quite disappointing. Because this is only a first impression of the camera, this isn't the final word. But it looks like Casio has created another gimmicky digital camera that doesn't perform as well as its advertisements claim - unless its image quality can ultimately prove otherwise.


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