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Default QV-R4 v\s QV-R40 v\s EX-Z4

i dont care bout the price , manual control , etc . my main concern is the IMAGE QUALITY ---- mainly indoor pics and sometimes outdoor
ppl plz reply soon
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I have the QV-R40 - not tried the others (although I think the QV-R4 is the older one of the R40) and I am very happy with the image quality.
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Reading the specs on the 2 cameras Qr40 and the Z4 I think the q40 will give a better quaity picture.

reason is the QV-R40 has a ccd that is 1/1/8" and the Z4 has a smaller CCD of 1/2/5" Which would give a slightly noiser picture
IMO as the 4mps will be more densely fitted into the smaller space.

I f you check some of the 5mp camera specs you will see that they have the 1/1/8" size ccd and checking the 4mps cameras most have the 1/2/5" except for the canon s400 and the casio qv-r40.
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I am very impressed by the QV-r40: price, specs, QUICK response times. I have two qualms, however: 1) no "bulb" setting for forcing night exposures longer than than the auto shutter's 4 sec. and 2). ALL the review sites mention evident graininess that increases as light levels go down. I can say that I notice some blueish specs in the night samples, same samples from some other cameras don't exhibit grain to the same extent. To confuse this issue more, a number of sites indicate the grain disapears on printing. But I wonder about the ability to make an enhanced print at 5x7 let alone 8x10. All that said, Its price, packaging, and feature set still makes it my (somewhat reluctant?) frontrunner.
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