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Default Just Announced, Casio Exilim Hi-Zoom EX-H10


World's Thinnest and Lightest*1 Camera in its Class Features Battery Life of 1,000 Shots,*2 and an Advanced Dynamic Photo Function

DOVER, NJ, June 11, 2009 - Casio America, Inc. and its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., today announced the release of another groundbreaking digital camera, the EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-H10. With a thin, compact body and an ultra-wide angle 24mm, 10x optical zoom lens, this new model can take up to 1,000 shots*1 on a single battery charge - making it the perfect travel companion.

At the heart of the new EX-H10 is the EXILIM Engine 4.0, which delivers higher image quality and lower power consumption in an even more compact package. The new Engine's Multi-CPU*3 is specifically designed for high-speed image processing. Reflecting Casio's quest for perfection, the new camera provides the best in basic photography functions - beautiful imaging with reduced noise and long battery life for many hours of use. A high-performance 12.1-megapixel model, it also boasts a lens with outstanding optical capabilities - from wide angle to telephoto - and it features a number of Casio's totally original photographic functions.

Ultra-wide angle 24 mm, 10X optical zoom lens

Only Casio could find a way to pack a 10X optical zoom lens, large 3.0-inch monitor and a CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism into such a slim, compact camera body, just .95" thin, convenient for travel. With ultra-wide angle starting at 24 mm (35 mm film camera equivalent) all the way up to 10x telephoto zoom, the photographer is ready for any scene - from huge buildings and other wonders at tourist destinations to distant figures in a landscape.

  • *1. As of June 11, 2009, based on a Casio survey of digital cameras with a 10X or greater optical zoom lenses.
  • *2. When photos taken in accordance with Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) standards.
  • *3. A package comprising a high-speed dedicated image processing CPU in addition to the usual high performance CPU.
"The development of the ultra-wide angle 24mm continues Casio's dedication to creating digital cameras that are packed with innovative features and new technology," said Toshiyuki Iguchi, Senior General Manager of Casio's Digital Imaging Division at Casio America, Inc. "This new feature gives our camera enthusiasts the opportunity to capture their extraordinary moments in a variety of shooting environments."

Advanced Dynamic Photo function

Casio's original Dynamic Photo function, which creates composite moving images using the camera's own high-speed image processing technology, now does even more. When a moving subject is cut out of a number of images and combined with a different still shot that forms the background, the size of the subject can be changed to suit the background image. Next, the Dynamic Photo video can easily be converted in-camera into a Motion JPEG movie file. Moreover, moving graphics such as hearts and bouquets of flowers are included so that users can have fun decorating their still images using the Dynamic Photo function. Casio not only allows users to have fun taking and viewing photos, but also provides innovative new ways for them to create original images, right on the camera.

1,000-shot long battery life

Casio has reduced energy consumption by improving the circuitry and operational controls and designing a higher capacity battery, enabling the user to take 1,000 shots on a single full charge. The EX-H10 provides a convenient solution for people on the go. It's possible to take 100 pictures every day of a 10 day vacation, without ever needing to recharge, eliminating the need to pack a charger. The long-life battery gives users approximately 11 consecutive hours of viewing on a single charge.

New Landscape Mode

The EX-H10 also features a new Landscape Mode for capturing beautiful scenic photography. Unlike earlier landscape photography modes, which enhance the saturation of an entire hue, users can now select between the Vivid Landscape option that uses image analysis to determine and vividly enhance only the most important colors in the landscape or the Mist Removal option that makes weather-affected misty scenes look clear and bright.

The new camera will begin shipping to retail in mid July. The EX-H10 will have an MSRP of $299.99 and will be available in black.

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I got one just today..159 € can't not buy it..I will test soon
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Default piece of plastic


I Take ZR1 Zx1 ...H10 is a toy
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Default Which is Newer - H10 or H5?

If you go to the Exilim.com site below http://www.exilim.com/intl/ex_h5/engine.htm it's clear that:

1. The H5 is listed as NEW on the sidebar, not the H10)

2. The H5 has a newer processing engine than the H10. It shows the addition of a second CPU chip. The PR fluff says, "EXILIM Engine 5.0 provides better quality in terms of colour brilliance, noise suppression and image editing. The camera responds to the photographer's wishes extremely quickly and offers short on/off times, optimized shutter delays and an intelligent auto focus that detects the size and contours of all the scene objects in the shortest possible time and optimizes the focus."

3. The H5 has a newer version of the "Dynamic Photo" mode.
I know these cameras were released only a week apart but one would think the H10 would also have the EXILIM Engine 5.0 processor. Hmmm?

Surprisingly, the H5 is top rated by the Dec. 2010 'Consumer Reports'. CR is usually a year behind in rating camera models.

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Originally Posted by jpmccormac View Post
3. The H5 has a newer version of the "Dynamic Photo" mode.

I know these cameras were released only a week apart but one would think the H10 would also have the EXILIM Engine 5.0 processor. Hmmm?
Closer to a year apart. The older EX-H10 was announced on June 11, 2009. The newer EX-H5 wasn't announced until June 2, 2010. ;-)
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Hi All,
The Casio EX-H10 lens is extremely delicate. It takes great photos, but if you give it any significant jolt while the lens is extended to full zoom, it's all over. There are tiny tabs where the center tele ring connects that will snap off.
If you get a good deal and the price is right go for it. Just be careful with it while in use.
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