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river kwai Feb 5, 2004 9:22 AM

Casio Z4 vs Sony DSC T1
Hi, Anyone dare to comment on these two cameras? I know one is 4MP and one is 5MP, but aside that, is the additional cost of DSC-t1 justified. I would be quite happy with 4MP. What is the image quality difference if comparing like to like in 4MP mode?

SnowPrince Mar 17, 2004 10:35 AM

Casio Z40 wins of cos!!

Yup, i understand the comparsion here... coz i myself was thinking which one i should buy. I took a really long time to conduct research and my conclusion was to choose the Casio Z40 (which is an upgraded version of Z4).

Let me highlight the stronger points of both cameras and you can judge for yourself:

Sony DSC-T1:1. 5MP
(1MP more than Casio Z40's 4 MP)

2. 2.5 inch LCD Screen
(0.5 inch more than Casio Z40's 2.0 inch)

3. Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
(Better than Casio's Pentax Lens)

4. Internal Lens which does not stand out
(Casio's lens does stand out when u on it)

Casio Z40: 1. Cheaper to own and obtain accessories
(All Sony Duo Memory Card, extra battery and the
camera itself are all more expensive than Casio Z40)

2. Super Long Battery Life - 360 shots in 1 charge
(Sony can take only 175 shots in 1 charge)

3. Optical pathfinder present
(Sony T1 has NO optical pathfinder, so u must on the
LCD all the time - consume a lot of power)

4. 21 x types of Best Shot settings - this is cool!
(Sony only got 8 x Best Shot setting)

In my opinon, both are really good. Choose one which you really like. In fact, i think the Casio Pro 600 really win Sony T1 a lot. So u might want to consider that?

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