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Verne Jun 13, 2002 8:37 AM

I have a 3000 EX on which is broken the door covering the memory card. A bit on the hinge (1/32x1/32) is broken and Casio wants $250 to fix it. They gave me 3 sources for the part. Question: Is this something I can do myself??? Relatively handy with tools but is it a disaster waiting to happen?

aljodoro Jun 16, 2002 2:00 PM

Repair Issue
I have somewhat of the same issue. My compact card door is ok but a little piece popped out when I opened the door. Appears to be a piece of a switch that tells the camera that the door is closed. I sent it into Casio and they quoted $250 plus tax. I would like ot know if anyone finds an inexpensive digital camera repair operation. The price Casio quoted is just not worth it. I sort of feel taken. This is a very high cost. Al

Verne Jun 16, 2002 7:29 PM

Al... I finally got thru to Casio and they quoted me $250 as well!!! Their "flat rate"!!! I had her repeat it twice as I though my ears were lying. She then sent me to Casio Parts and they agreed to sell me the door for $1.50 but wouldn't tell me if it were difficult to install myself. I asked for 2 in case I broke one trying to install it and they said "No!" The bastards wouldn't sell me 2 of them!!! Nothing like great customer service. So I'll try to install it myself and if I feel I'm getting in over my head I will RUN to the nearest camera repair shop here in KC. I may even do that first! Very disappointed in the attitude of Casio and I have been trumpeting the glories of that camera for 2 years for them. I feel screwed also. Good luck!

J Miller Jun 17, 2002 1:53 PM

I, for one , would appeciate knowing how things turnout for you. Please post a followup to let us know how hard it was to do, if you do it yourself. If it happened to you it can sure happen to any of us. I like my Qv also and handle it with such care you'd think it was a new born baby. I'd like to avoid anything like what has happened to you guys. It makes you afraid to use the darn thing!!

Verne Jun 17, 2002 3:14 PM

I sure will, J. I'll tackle it as soon as it arrives. I, too, am pretty obsessive about that camera. There's not a scratch on it and I kid glove it as I have a microdrive in it as well. All I did was to try to open that door and forced it a bit when it only opened half way. The first time that happened in about 20 months of use. A design bug I would say, particularlly after I saw the micro part on the hinge that makes it all work. Tenuous at best. To all QV 3000 owners... open that door with kid gloves!!!!!!! V
I'd ask Casio for a diagram to install it if I thought they even cared. After all, I'm only a loyal customer!!

J Miller Jun 18, 2002 6:28 AM

I just ran across this today... . I thought you might be interested in the reply. It's from another good digcam site. Had you ever been to the above site? If not there's alot of good reading in the Casio forum.

Verne Jun 22, 2002 3:53 PM

The $1.50 part came the other day... the door to the flash card slot for my QV 3000. The one that Casio wanted $250.00 to install. (Yes... $250.00!!)
I took enough screws out of the back to discover that wouldn't help so I just flexed the little door enough to allow the hinge pins on it to spring into place. A 5 minute job that experience would cut to 1 minute. That works out to about $15,000 an hour for Casio to do it. I'm in the wrong business.

And I'm sure glad I didn't have to take the back off of the camera!!!!!!!!!

J Miller Jun 23, 2002 6:38 AM


aljodoro Jun 23, 2002 1:37 PM

I still have my probem and can anyone help me. I have yet to receive the camera back from Casio. They are sending it back without the repair but they told me there is something worong with the card holder. Does anyone know where you can buy a crd holder tht may fit this Casio card holder or who does this type of repair. I just seems to me $250 is a little much for the part and installation. I do recognize that a compact card holder is different than a door. Any ideas? Thanks, Al

Verne Jun 23, 2002 1:59 PM

I don't know, Al. I called the best camera repair center here in Kansas City and they don't mess with digital cameras at all! Suggested call someone else. If you bought the camera at... say Best Buy... I'd suggest taking it to them. If they come back with the $250 pitch that Casio uses, I'd raise holy hell and perhaps they may trade you out on something at a nominal charge. Yes, you are getting screwed.

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