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Thank you, Alan T.
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I just tried accessing the Service menu in my P700, and it's not accessible. I also read an article from Australia saying that this is not available.

It occurs to me that there must be a service menu, and Casio has changed the access technique to make it harder to get to. Hopefully someone will figure it out. In the meantime, enjoy your RAW files P600 users!


Ok, someone has figured it out. Here's how to access Raw files on the P700:

From DPReview:

And the details:

Hidden menu:
*1. While firmly pressing down both [DISP] and [UPPER], turn the power on.

2. After the version appears, press buttons in the order of [DOWN], [DOWN], [DISP] and [MENU] in 0.5 second. The diagnostic menu appears.

and someone else pointed out that the Bayer mode is located under option 6

3. select option 6 Image Flag. From here you can set the Bayer mode to "on" and then use the menu button to back out of the service menu.

This will generate 2 files, a jpg and a RAW file their names go like this:

xxxxCIMG.RAW 10.4 MB
CIMGxxxx.JPG 4.2 MB (for fine compression and largest file size)

-Enjoy, Rafael
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Except I can't get that program that it uses to convert it into a usable image to work. The crazy thing is, in Photoshop Elements, it actually opened it and it looked as if the file had been passed through a filter. It was all black and grey and weird, but you could still make out what was captured.

I want to use it so badly!!!!
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Would you be so kind as to pack up 2-3 raw images and upload it somewhere, I would like to have a look at them

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