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10-Dee-Q Sep 21, 2004 3:01 PM

Hi I'm newbie here, and would like help from all the pros here.

Ok let's get to the problem.

I own a 1 year old Sony P10 and i'm very happy with the pictures and video quality,As i'm not a pro, i just use the auto settings, and the p10 did the job perfectly in my honest opinion. The only complaints i have is that the camera is quite big for my liking ,and also the LCD screen is too small :(

my Fiancee own a Kyocera Finecam S5 , and she really dissapointed with it , the pictures quality is good, but the lag from the time u turn on the camera and start taking pictures is just horrible, a lot of times she miss the object such as pets and moving oblects. So i told her to sell her Kyocera and give her my beloved Sony P10 instead.

Now the problem is that i want to buy aother camera for myself , things that important to me is that i want my camera to be as small as possible and also having at least same or better image than my P10 could give.After deciding for a while, my picks is the Casio Z40.Nice design, fabulous battery life.But after a while i started to notice a bad things about it. Though it has a big 2" LCD but the resolution on the LCD it self is very bad , not as good as the P10 which only has 1,5"LCD!I told my self thats it's not a big problem. BUt when i took it with me during a vacation to a beach side, then i realise that i made a wrong choice, the Picture quality is really really bad!! Wheter it;s indoor or outdoor shots, the piceture seems to have alot of noise , and also the pixelation is very noticeable! (I always use auto mode as i dont know how to set the manual controls) Compared to my P10 .I always use 3MP on my P10 , so i expect same or even better picture on my Z40 using it;s full 4MP resolution.

Anyway i'm very dissapointed with my Z40 and now i'm in search again for a cameraa that would perfectlly fit my needs. I was thingking about the SONY T1 , cause i really like the model and also that 2,5 LCD and also after my good impressions of sony from my P10.

Is the T1the perfect camera for me ?? can somebody help me ??

What i need from a camera are:

-As small as possible

-At least 3 MP

-large LCD

for additionnal information, i mainly use my camera to photograph decorated fish tanks(as i work as a fish tank decorator) When i photograph a fish tank i never use anyflash as the fish tank has it own light and also because the flash will be reflected by the glass. And also i sometimes take my camera on vacation, parties, function dinner, anything , and everyday life.

I heard taht the T1 has a bad flash range, but how does this effect the picture qualitty compared to the P10 that i previously owned ? And also is the T1 picture qualitty will be much worse than the P10 or just slightly?

I dont need a sophisticated state-of-the-art camera, i just need a simple piont-and-shoot camera that's is small and also give me a decent picture name it outdoor, indoor, night or in bright sun light.Thatwill give me about the same image quality that i had with my p10

Please help me or give me some info, if the T1 is not that perfect for me, than can somebody please recommend me others ?

sorry for my broken english

thx for the help:?

Antti Sep 21, 2004 5:20 PM


I understand your problem. I'm also a newbie, but I have been searching for a good camera for couple of months, so i've learned much.I already bought a z-40, but i took it back after one week because i was not happy with the picture quality. Otherwise it was just what i wanted. I also want a very small and light camera that has good battery life, 3xzoom,good lcd and it has to be fast.

I was also looking at t1, but I think it isquite heavyand too expensive. I've also read that it doesn't have the best picture quality and the flash was too bad for me, sinceI take pictures mostly indoors with flash.

I was also looking at digital elph s410, but that is also too heavyand too thick. And it is quite slow compared to some other cameras. Picture quality is great though.

Probably at this point the best camera to meet my need might be sony p100. It is notquite as small as z-40, but it is still very smalland light (much lighter than t1). It has very good battery life, the lcd is 1.8 and good quality and the picture quality is exellent according to many reviews. It is also very fast in every way.

I hope these help you.

Anyway, there are some interesting other options. there are new models from casio, z-50/55, and they might be good also if the picture quality has improved. And the most interesting is the new canons, sd200 and sd300, theyseem to be exactly what i have been looking for. I'm not in hurry, so i think I wait untillthere comesome reviews of those models before making my decision.


10-Dee-Q Sep 26, 2004 5:07 AM

hi thx for the reply :P
btw does anyone know how does the new P100 compare to the old P10 ??

and also is there any other brand digicams that will give me a bout the same picture quality, speed and also as small and as light as my old P10 ??

i love sony, but it would be better if there is other brand camera that could replace my p10 , that could use MMC or SD cards :P


Ching Oct 1, 2004 2:50 AM

Hi, I'm also in the market for a new digicam, I'm waiting for the T3 to come out and I will check out the flash range. I now have the Minolta XT which serves me best before, but since I had the V1 my eye had adjusted to the quality of the V1 :roll: Now my XT pix quality is not as nice as it was before.

I want my new cam to be in style, small enough to fit my smallest pouch and when I bring it out - it will bring out the ooohs and aaahs of other people. :-)

So it's either the smallest of the Casio or the smallest of the Sony - no Olympus for me as I don't like XD cards, and the hugest of the lcd. Should have low light focus assist, without that - I wouldn't care for it.


JimC Oct 1, 2004 12:04 PM

Ching wrote:

I'm waiting for the T3 to come out and I will check out the flash range.
Here's is Steve's Preview with the Marketing Specs of 1.7 meters (5.25 feet):

Here is a link to the owners manual in Adobe .pdf format:

You'll see the recommended flash range on page 37 (they match up to the Marketing specs at the wide angle lens setting, with the range dropping down to 1.6 meters at full zoom). This is an Auto ISO rating (which means the camera is increasing ISO speed to get this much range indoors).

Sorry, but you can't expect a camera with a lens and flash this tiny to have much flash range. So, it's usefulness indoors will bevery limited.


I want my new cam to be in style, small enough to fit my smallest pouch and when I bring it out - it will bring out the ooohs and aaahs of other people. :-)
Well... I'd rather have people oooh and aaah at the photos. :-)

Ching Oct 5, 2004 10:14 PM


Well... I'd rather have people oooh and aaah at the photos. :-)

I still have my V1 to show them prints :idea: And the T3 is really really slim and I could bring it with me in parties inside my small pouch together with my powder, lipstick and cellphone, my Sony Ericsson P900 cellphone would be bigger than my digicam, I can't do that with my V1 can't I? As long as I know the limitation of the flash range of the camera that I have.

I just can't decide if I will get the Casio Z55 or the Casio S100 or the T3. I heard the resolution of the Z55 or Z40 lcd is bad, Z55 is thicker, but it uses SD and has optical viewfinder.....hmmmm


dalick Oct 6, 2004 11:15 AM

I have now aswell given up on my casio z40, its strange as the camera has had very good reviews. The picture quality is not good for a 4mp. My mate bought a nikon 3200 and that was cheaper and takes better pictures. I would recomend not to by any casio camera now

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