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Sent to Casio 10/04/2004


I own a Casio QV3500. I purchased it for a vacation to Easter Island. I have had it about 4 years and I have used it for Christmas and the yearly vacation each year. I have not used it much but I realize that vacations can be hard on electric equipment. I found last year on a vacation to Costa Rica that I had an intermittent problem when I tried to take a picture. I put the camera away for the rest of the trip. I got the camera out at Christmas and it still had an intermittent problem so I didn't use it. Now I am getting ready to take a trip to New Zealand and have sent it in for service (work order # 763963 at the Mt. Pleasant) and received a quote of $273.43 for a "flat" rate repair.

Before sending the caners in had taken my camera to my local service shop and was informed, after inspection, that it was most likely a flexible ribbon cable that was causing the problem. The second problem was that Casio does not support the local service locations well. They cannot get the parts and support they need to repair the camera. The only parts they have been able to get are batteries and covers. Other parts are not available and are extremely expensive.

I called to the repair center and was told by a manager that I had no choice but to pay 3/4 of the purchase price for a repair on a discontinued camera. I do have another choice! Never buy another Casio product and I will go to all the online boards I can find (like Steve's Digicams, Epinions.com, etc.) and publish my experience as a warning not to shop Casio. I plan on destroying the camera after it is returned. Then I will purchase a camera that can be serviced locally. One like Nikon that has a manufacture that will supports its customers with reasonably priced parts and repair.


P.S. I could not find an email address that would let me send a comment to management so I used this site service inquiry site for the email.
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If i understand it correctly, it was a 4year old camera?

Well, after the garantue? (spelling?) is out, you have to expect that these

things cost A LOT! to fix. Even simple things.

This ribboncable, might have been a "not-off-the-shelf" part, that Casio made exclusive for this camera, and thats why you get this big bill.

Its not only Casio that will cost a lot to repair when its broken, thats why you buy new stuff instead when these things happens. Sorry, but thats the truth

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Sounds normal, I rang Canon UK about a dead Ixus 4Mp and they wanted aset rate repair fee of UK£150, a new one was only UK£225 at the time!.
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I had the same problem with my Canon S400, it broke after 15 months of use. I bought it for $250 and the repair estimate was $150 to $300. I think 4 years is a reasonable amount of time (kind of) but just over a year is not!!! I'm really pissed at Canon.
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The problem is that camera manufacturers are getting away with shorter and shorter warranty periods. Latest cameras only have 1 yr warranty and that's never a good thing when you are spending a few hundread dollars. I guess their view is that people will keep upgrading after 1 or 2 years

I think there is going to be a backlash soon (especially once the mainstream public runs into problems with the $300 point&shoot ultra-compacts). Once that happens, I expect the camera companies to start increasing the warranty period. Someone will start offering longer standard warranties and that will capture market share. I think it'll come to the point where an extra 2 years of warranty is more important than 1 extra megapixel...just wait and see
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Old Nov 22, 2004, 6:34 AM   #6
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In the UK Casio are one of only a handul of manufacturers to offer a two year standard warranty! I have a QV4000 i bought on runout a year ago that still has a year left to run!!
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I would say that the storage costs for a large number of spare parts for ANY camera, from ANY manufacturer would make it not very practical to repair a 4 year old camera.
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I had a different experience, and I think I was lucky but maybe this could happen to others so here it is: My QV-R4 stopped working suddenly on a desert walk. I had been carrying it in my pocket which for me is unusual. The lens would not retract and the camera turned itself off immediately. I could not even download the new program update, so I sent it to Casio, and they replied with the large repair cost. I didn't like the price so I sent in a shipping charge and had it returned. The returned camera had the lens retracted and had a picture of a repair technician on it. I worked perfectly, even though it carried a "not repaired" code on the paper work.

I wonder if they did a simple repair for free. I got it back because it didnt like the idea of letting into a free bin for the technicians. Maybe that was the thought with the repair guy's picture. Or maybe he left the picture there as a signature.

Hope it happens to somebody else!
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