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I just bought the EX-Z30, but I'm thinking of exchanging it for the QV-R51 due to, well, the fact that it is "only" 3.2MP and feels kind of flimsy (i.e. not sturdy) to me. But I'm really not sure what to do, since the EX series are generally "betteR" than the QVs. Today is my last day. Same price. Need urgent help, please.

Casio EX-Z30


Casio QV-R51

BRIEF COMPARISON (with respect to what i'm looking for)
pros - extremely thin and compact, very light weight, sleek design
cons - "ONLY" 3.2MP! (image quality on LCD is relatively crappy, no date imprinted onto photos (but nonetheless displayed otherwise)... tho i think it's the same with the other cam)
pros - 5.0MP! (weee!), don't know about the rest since I haven't actually tried it
cons - much "thicker" than the other one, design not as sleek, slightly bigger in size, heavier... yet, still pretty compact (see link for details)

SO, should i give up the SLIGHTLY thinner sleeker design for a much higher MP?

additional question, out of curiosity:
AA lithium batteries vs. lithium ion --> which is "betteR"?
(the QV uses former, EX uses latter)
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My previous camera was a QV-R40 (4mp model of the 51 basically) and I currently have the EX-Z30. It depends what you want it for. I traded "down" to the EX-Z30. The QV range is actually better quality I think according to Casio and I certainly found my pictures looked better from the QV than the EX ones do even though the QV had an unbranded lense and the EX has a Pentax SMC one.

It depends what you want it for. The reason I traded mine is was because I mainly use it for quick pics on a night out and the QV was slightly too thick to fit into trouser pockets and the EX has a bigger screen (they are the same size in the newer models but the QV-R40 had a 1.6" screen.

So basically, the EX is more compact and has very slightly inferior image quality and the QV is thicker, has better image quality but took an age to re-charge the flash (My diagnosis is the AA Ni-mH batteries instead of Li-Ion ones in EX.

Differences between batteries. I am no expert but basically, the Li-Ion batteries are very expensive to replace or buy a second for, they can only be chargedon the docking cradleinside the camera, and the AA's take a long time to re-charge the flash anddon't last as long.

Hope that helps.
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